vivo V23 and V23 Pro can change color, have dual selfie cameras

05 January 2022
The V23 and V23 Pro equip Dimensity 920 and 1200 chipsets and pack five cameras each.

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Vivo 23 looks like the perfect phone. Outstanding.

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Vivo should improve their selfie cam

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cortex a76 pfftt

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Zulfiqar , 05 Jan 2022What price vivo v23It's 29,990

The gold one is like oppo reno7 pro copy

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What price vivo v23

So it lost V21's OIS then, even for its Pro sibling

TheWanderer, 05 Jan 2022One should only buy a mtk phone if it is cheaper than a sd phoneCurrently using Realme X7 Max aka GT Neo as my primary device. This compact phone comes with powerful Mediatek Dimensity 1200 SoC right up there flagship Qualcomm Snapdragon 865, not to mention sea of 12GB LPDDR4X RAM coupled with ultra fast 256GB UFS 3.1 storage. I am deeply impressed with Dimensity 1200, it will fly through anything you throw at it. Truly a flagship SoC by name and in game. Impressive 5G capabilities inside the SoC and very battery efficient using 6nm TSMC technology.

And the price is ludicrously cheap. I mean what more can you get for INR 22.8K ($300, €266) in India? I had one during Sep, 2021 during an online sale. The phone got launched with a INR 30K ($400, €350) price tag some 7 months back, but during sales its price drops a lot.

One should not worry about performance of Vivo V23 Pro as it comes with the same SoC. Price of Vivo premium devices are often unjustified as they are primarily meant for offline markets. However built quality and product quality is supreme, as my 5 year old Vivo V5 Plus aka X9 with its premium all metal build just refuses to die after such heavy lifting during all these years.

I also own two of their top of line Vivo NEX S devices mainly for their audio capabilities through headphone jack, and they are supreme flagship devices. I always buy Vivo devices when they are atleast a year old and price is halfed.

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Just playing with the mind and setting their demand to purchase these useless Mobiles where as the battery is Really Compromised With lower 4200mah which sucks the Pocket and there is no requirement of going for 8gb ram just to create hipe in market not launching 6gb ram varient and looting customers Money for 5g mobile. This is a tricky for the Gadget company's Latest trend that not to reveal or lunch 6gb ram and 128gb storage varient. In India most of the people like to purchase a good Value Smart Phone. You should focus on that and Innovate good mobile with very good features and specifications along with good battery life in a Better Price. Remember You are lunching mobiles in India not in Abroad. So keeping in mind please lunch good Gadget according to the Indian market and Don't make fool people to purchase by giving them early prize or cash back. Better luck next time.🎅🎅🎅🎅🎅🏇🏇🏇🏇🏇🏇

Dual selfie is a letdown

One should only buy a mtk phone if it is cheaper than a sd phone

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Rajib Sarkar, 05 Jan 2022Please update ur content. V23 has 64mp as rear camera not 50mp50 mp is the front camera

The V23 does not suck. Congratulations, Vivo

Unfortunately, the V23 pro is a phone that I think I'd only buy if it's on sale. Bit too much price for a bit too less phone, would have justified the price if it had SD 888 or the like

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Please update ur content.

V23 has 64mp as rear camera not 50mp

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They are resembling Oppo Reno6 Pro and Reno6 5G.

Too costly for such a spec

Lol, I thought it would be a gimmick reading the title, but I like the changing color part. That's refreshing.

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Interesting back panel