Google sends out January update to all supported Pixels except the Pixel 6 and 6 Pro

04 January 2022
The company's latest flagship duo will get another update later this month.

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  • 27 Jan 2022

Google is not a phone-making company, so stick to their software/firmware and web-based utilities. Why would you want to commit to buying a phone from a company that's not even committed to the phone market? To put it in perspective, Huawei has a bigger presence in the US market and Xiaomi is about the same, and we see the problems they've had. Until Google decides to jump in all the way, avoid them - stick with Apple or Samsung.

I tried with the Pixel 3A and 4A. First, security updates, my Pixel 3A will lose its security support a mere 2 years after I bought it new, because that was 3 years after it went on sale in the Google store, and Google is *unable* to provide Android support for the Pixel phone longer than 3 years. They make Android AND they make the Pixel and they still can't provide support for more than 3 years? That itself is a red flag. You shouldn't have to load an open OS on your phone to keep it secure. Second, my Pixel 4A stopped working and since I travel often and my work keeps me outside the US, its been an absolute headache and waste of money trying to deal with Google Support ... "support" ... they give a lot of copied & pasted pleasantries without actually working towards solving the problem, a lot of "Sorry, we can't..." explanations and hoops you have to jump through, even if the phone is still under warranty when it stops working. Stick with companies that have a longer reputation for making phones, who are fully committed to the phone market, and whose phones are more widely used because that also means its easier to have them repaired when you need -- and we all know that at some point you'll need some work done on your phone (battery, screen, etc).

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    • 19 Jan 2022

    Bud, 05 Jan 2022Though, I'm a happy Pixel 4a User, I have a bad feelin... moreHi,
    I also have a Pixel 4a (not 5g) and am delaying upgrading to Google 12 because I've read quite a few complaints about heavier battery drain (which is already high compared to my 5years old Xiaomi phone) and negative camera performances after update.
    Could you give me your opinion on G12 on your device?
    Thanks a lot.

      I received update on my pixel 3 today

      This update fixes critical bugs and improves the performance and stability of your device. Additional charges may apply when updates are downloaded over the cellular network or while roaming. Update size: 497kb

        I've been wanting to get a pixel phone since they first came out but they were such boring looking phones I didn't bother until the pixel 6 was released and wow what a great look it has with the camera bar I got the 6 basically because I couldn't afford the 6pro I also got the pixel for the updates but now I regret it with the problems they are having I especially needed the call screening since I am no longer able to speak because of a cancer operation I was able to screen out the idiots but now I have to answer it the people that know me like my friends or the hospital or doctor understand and listen to me talk with my text to speak anyway I'm not happy about not getting the updates also losing some things I might sell my Pixel at a large loss and get a phone that gets stable updates

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          • Alikhan790
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          • 06 Jan 2022

          Pixel are still the king of Android, the software is still better on time than any other company, be it Samsung, one plus, Xiaomi it takes months for the basic fix i say months at the very least 3-6. So would still pick pixel anyday..

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            • 06 Jan 2022

            Bud, 05 Jan 2022Though, I'm a happy Pixel 4a User, I have a bad feelin... moreI have the 6 pro and do not have an issues. The pixels have always been phones that Google uses to try out new features and get special features. I don't know what people do to cause such issue with these phones. Everyone complained on the 3XL but I had that one without issues also.

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              • 05 Jan 2022

              Doesn't work with half the apps I download and no updates wish I could return this over priced papper weight.... Too late now screwed for next 2 years I guess thanks google! Can't even play old school RuneScape.... Garbage with a nice camrea

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                • 05 Jan 2022

                I can't count how many bugs there are on this phone. It's a disgrace and there is no excuse for releasing it. Now they are telling me I can't return it.

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                  • IJp
                  • 05 Jan 2022

                  I went from having Samsung phones from the Galaxy s2 to the s9. I got tired of being last for updates and the touch wiz. So much for having the pixel 6. Maybe next upgrade it's back to Samsung

                    I'm so glad I didn't buy the Pixel 6 series despite their nice-looking phones

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                      • 05 Jan 2022

                      Bud, 05 Jan 2022Though, I'm a happy Pixel 4a User, I have a bad feelin... moreNo pixels have always been the buggiest beta devices

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                        • Wongwatt
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                        • 05 Jan 2022

                        So much for the promise of homegrown hardware making Pixels better…

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                          • 05 Jan 2022

                          “As usual when it comes to updates from Google, this one too may take many days (or even weeks) to reach all units out there” isn’t this the case for every brand though...

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                            • 05 Jan 2022

                            Pixels 6 seem flop

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                              • 05 Jan 2022

                              Though, I'm a happy Pixel 4a User, I have a bad feeling to see Google struggling with their own phones using their own OS. Everyone would expect the most stable and optimised devices far ahead of their competitors. Times are changing, sadly.