Weekly poll results: Xiaomi 12 Pro well loved, its two siblings remain in its shadow

09 January 2022
While the Mi 11 had a large 6.81" screen, this year Xiaomi tried something different for the vanilla model - 6.28" - and it didn't pan out.

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  • Anonymous

Xiaomeme is still living in 2014 when people were complaining about the iPhone 6 4.7 inch screen being "too big". No, people want BIG screens. Just look at what happened to the iPhone mini

Dumb question.

Is Mi 11 = Xiaomi 11? Or 11T? Are they the same thing? 😅

  • MightySkull

I can understand the dissent over MIUI. The ads & drastic difference from Stock UI makes it very much undesirable.

But the fact that they willing to experiment in smaller flagships like the vanilla 12 aimed at more reachability is something I really welcome. I wouldn't mind getting that & switching over LineageOS for good, even if it means waiting longer for the next major OS update & the occasional bugs.

You don't have to test SD 8 Gen 1...
We all know the results already.
It is a steaming pile of...well you know the rest.

  • AnonD-994853

Xiaomi 12 could have been better, i mean there are huge downgraded things compared to Mi 11 (screen, size, materials, cameras) yet it costs the same. Only better things are the Snapdragon 8 gen 1

The vanilla model should be priced at most $599