Weekly poll: did the Samsung Galaxy S21 FE arrive in the nick of time or is too late?

09 January 2022
The Galaxy S21 series already went through Black Friday discounts and the S22 series is only a month away.

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  • Anonymous

Is no one going to talk about not including a charger anymore? The customer must have the option to get one or not.

  • Anonymous

Samsung Failed Editi, 10 Jan 2022Guaranteed Samsung S21FE (Failed Edition): 1.No SdCard 2 ... moreThat is because the S20 FE mimics what S20 series did.

Now look at what S21 did wrong and there is the answer why the S21 FE sucks.

  • Anonymous

Max, 09 Jan 2022No esim?? Why samsung?esim should die, before you know it we will get same mess with phone providers like the have in countries like Japan...

  • Samsung Failed Editi

Guaranteed Samsung S21FE (Failed Edition):
1.No SdCard
2 No 3.5mm Jack
3 Forced Crappynos Chip instead of SD for certain markets e.g Aus and India confirmed
4 who wants this when you can get a better built S21 or s21+ for similar or cheaper price when its on sale especially when s22 is just 1 month away.

They removed all the good things that "fans"actually want in the s20FE ....who is the product genius at Samsung who thought this will be a hit like the old S20 FE?

Anonymous, 10 Jan 2022Why call it a Fan Edition when everything most fans want we... moreTrue, I think the S10 lite name was more clear. And the real fans would have bought the S21 a year ago. Maybe it's Samsungs way of saying "Our fanboys will buy anything, suckers!" Well to be honest, the S20 FE was good value, even if it had screen issues. But this S21 FE is just badly timed, badly equipped and badly priced.

  • Anonymous

Some European countries sell this for 499€ now which I find is a good price.

  • Anonymous

Why call it a Fan Edition when everything most fans want were taken out? No 3.5mm or Expandable storage?

Samaung hasn't learned from the mistake that put the former J- and A-series to halt. Too many models; same features.
Why not make the S21 (base) available as cheaper along with S22? Why shoot a different trajectory (FE)?

  • AlienKiss

Where's the "Not interested" option?
This is more of a mid-range killer, not flagship killer. The last option is useless.
No SD card slot = NO BUY! 👎👎👎

  • Dani

Tiramisu, 09 Jan 2022 Galaxy A52s and Galaxy buds for 300 bucks, How? Black friday in Romania

  • Anonymous

Punch hole, no 3.5 or expandable storage.

Whether it arrived five years ago or five years from now, it's worthless landfill garbage.

Random fact. The exynos 2100 is better than the Sd888, especially in battery life.

S21 FE is Dummy Product.

deliberately made to artificially increase Galaxy S22 series perceptive "value" when its launch.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 09 Jan 2022750€? you can buy a flagship for this money, instead of buy... moreFanboy Edition: That's a nice nickname for this phone seeing that Samsung removed features that fans really wanted like headphone jack and expandable storage.

"S21 FE, for the true fanboys that will buy anything Samsung!"

Anonymous, 10 Jan 2022It’s worth only if Samsung discounts the phone or bundles t... moreMaybe, but that is up to the market to decide, not us here.

  • Anonymous

Solun1, 10 Jan 2022If you look at it as a standalone device, it's great, ... moreIt’s worth only if Samsung discounts the phone or bundles the phone with generous accessories or even the Buds Live. Otherwise pointless

  • Anonymous

Was looking forward to it long ago. But no headphone jack and sd card slot = no buy.

No more Samsung phones for me. Switching to Sony. Willing to pay top dollar for a flagship with BASIC FEATURES.

If you look at it as a standalone device, it's great, but there is too much competetion in its own ranks so it feels a bit useless, but that doesn't mean anyone should regret buying it because it's still a fantastic phone that everyone would be happy using.

  • Anonymous

cozxta, 09 Jan 2022It has the standard aluminum shield on top of the SoC, and ... moreYes the heat dissipation is somewhat lacking, same as the iPhone. But I just wanted to clarify the person’s statement. Like some people said iPhone has zero heat dissipation, but actually utilises a heat spreader underneath the chipset.

Anonymous, 09 Jan 2022Lol it does have a thermal pad what are you talking about? ... moreIt has the standard aluminum shield on top of the SoC, and a thin layer of graphite of top of it, nothing more than that, I'm a hardware smartphone technician, I know what the inside of phones looks like. No vapour chamber, no thermal paste inside of this particular model, the plastic build doesn't help either, since plastic isn't a good heat conducting material, on hot climates like Brazil where I live this phone suffers from heating, shitty heat dissipation and this is true, compare OnePlus 8T/9R with S20 FE, they have waaaaaayyyy better thermals inside and SD865 runs full power.