Weekly poll: did the Samsung Galaxy S21 FE arrive in the nick of time or is too late?

09 January 2022
The Galaxy S21 series already went through Black Friday discounts and the S22 series is only a month away.

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  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 09 Jan 202217% are positive in the poll about s21 fe so it's just... moreReleased too late with a steep price. Should have adopted Google’s strategy with the Pixel 4&4a

  • Anonymous

cozxta, 09 Jan 2022865 inside S20 FE isn't heat efficient, because the ph... moreLol it does have a thermal pad what are you talking about? The screen also has a layer that can be used as a heat dump, same as the iPhone.

  • Max

No esim?? Why samsung?

  • wyim

It is already too late for me. I already have a S21 last January. I was seeking for S21FE for a second phone. Sadly that the heat issue in S21 and the long awaited of S21FE really turns me down! I have eventually switched to A52s instead.

I would preferred to have a S20FE instead of A52s if Samsung could provide a paid services for an extra year of system and security updates.

YUKI93, 09 Jan 2022S20 FE is still a worthy buy with its more heat-efficient S... more865 inside S20 FE isn't heat efficient, because the phone doesn't have any heat dissipating mechanism inside, it's heavily throttled on this particular model.

Expensive plastic "flagship" with capped basic sensors, just like S20 FE was.
Better buy regular S21 if you're into Samsung phones.

  • Chixby

Too late too expensive indeed!

  • Anonymous

750€? you can buy a flagship for this money, instead of buying this cheap fanboy edition!

  • Tiramisu

Dani, 09 Jan 2022I've got an a52s + galaxy buds 2 for 300 bucks. the ph... more Galaxy A52s and Galaxy buds for 300 bucks, How?

  • Anonymous

Every Android fans : "Better to buy S22 with newer chips and design or pick S21 with better build quality even with same price"

(Meanwhile in samsung HQ) Samsung executives : "well..thats exactly our strategy to make S22 popular and to hold price depreciation of S21"

how is it more expensive than S21? FE is a trimmed S21 an it worths less for sure.unless it cheaper,go for s21.simple.

  • Dani

Nafis, 09 Jan 2022How's is your A52s 5G? Please give feedbackI've got an a52s + galaxy buds 2 for 300 bucks. the phone is quite solid. Battery is very good ( I'm an average user: checking social media, some spotify and twitch and it lasts almost 2 day on average; I'm using the screen at 60hz since i don't see much difference between 60hz with faster animation and 120hz with standard animations), the camera is decent (i switched to gcam, but it's not such a big difference; usually takes good photos except the zoomed ones ). The software is quite good, not the best; I tried to uninstall all the unnecesary apps, but some of them are standard (still u can unistall them via adb). The phones runs quite smoothly, and for everyday use it might be the best choice. Yea sure there are xiaomi phones for less money, but I don't like their software and data collection without user agreement. I pretty sure samsung collects data without user knowledge, but i would rather giveaway my data to samsung.

Nafis, 09 Jan 2022How's is your A52s 5G? Please give feedbackHonestly the best device i ever owned. No bugs at all and i notice every small detail about bugs. It's smooth, One UI 3.1 is absolutely incredible and huge upgrade from One UI 2.0. And that's it, pretty much everything is incredible.

I'm happy with my Galaxy A52s 5G, the phone is snappy, battery life is great, 3 days ago I installed Gcam the camera quality is even better than the stock camera, S21 FE is for people who are driven by peer pressure, if you wanna buy it go for it, but in few weeks time S22 is coming out, only buy a phone that will give you value don't follow trends.

It's not a flagship and it's at least $100 too expensive.
Also a year too late.

  • Nafis

Noneone, 09 Jan 2022IMO too, i got A52s 5G two months ago and couldn't be ... moreHow's is your A52s 5G? Please give feedback

  • Anonymous

17% are positive in the poll about s21 fe so it's just a fail edition this time

  • Anonymous

T-doffus, 09 Jan 2022Definitely not a bad phone, but a bad price. I agree, th... moreIf this phone launched with anything other than Android 12 and less than 3 updates it would have been a scam
Andoid 12 came out 4 months ago and every Samsung phones since 2019 get 3 updates

Samsung could’ve just skipped it and gone for s22FE
Smh its later than too late.

Definitely not a bad phone, but a bad price.

I agree, the price is high, but this phone also launches with Android 12 and gets the 3 OS upgrade commitment. So not all that bad. Samsung haters will never recognise the importance of updates, probably because they never get them properly anyway.