Weekly poll: did the Samsung Galaxy S21 FE arrive in the nick of time or is too late?

09 January 2022
The Galaxy S21 series already went through Black Friday discounts and the S22 series is only a month away.

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In some EU countries, S20FE now costs 399 eur. So, probably at the end of the year, S21FE will cost around 400-450 eur and I will buy it.

Too late baby. The correct time was September...maximum.

  • Anonymous

€819 in my country, while S21 is at around €739.

Also the S22 is around the corner.

Conclusion: unless they discount it at least €150 this thing doesn't make much sense, Samsung phones never drop that hard in my country but the S21 will get even cheaper the moment the S22 comes out.

So no, S21 FE came way too late in my opinion.

you damn well know it was at least 6 months too late, just read the comments from the 100s of leaks about it.

I would have bought it if it had a heaphone jack and sd card but now i can just buy the A52s which is roughly the same AND comes with a jack and sd. For the price, it's some of the best value

S20 FE is still a worthy buy with its more heat-efficient SD 865, so that will be the one I pick over the S21 FE. I am also looking forward to the upcoming Galaxy S22 and Galaxy Tab S8 series, but that's another story for another day.

  • AnonD-1033404

Noneone, 09 Jan 2022IMO too, i got A52s 5G two months ago and couldn't be ... moreLike Samsung Dex and USB 3.2 and UFS 3.1

  • 2 more reasons

1. Its way too expensive for what it is.
2. Its way too late for the market.

Rehashed S10. Samsung has no shame and people will buy tthis? Give me a break.

Yuri84, 09 Jan 2022A52 is better, IMO.IMO too, i got A52s 5G two months ago and couldn't be more happier to be honest.
+ A52 series have features that S21 FE doesn't which is important to some of users.

Way too late, if it was launched back in october/november it would be fine. I will wait for S22 definitely.

  • Anonymous

Should have been canceled.

Way too late...

A52 is better, IMO.