Lenovo Legion Y90's design revealed in official teaser video

07 January 2022
Lenovo previously confirmed it will feature a 144Hz screen.

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Unlike legion 2 Duel bends fail, could you please make Y90's at least stronger design? So, the launch sale could work well.

  • X User

Anonymous, 07 Jan 2022exactly.Hmmm, I interpreted his sentence differently. I am thinking maybe he is referring to the ventilation holes? But if that is an issue, then honestly, a gaming phone is something you want to avoid. The holes are there for cooling the phone to have sustain performance. You lose water resistance in the process but is something that some might consider useless.

Again, gaming phones have a certain use to them, but they are only useful to a very niche market and thus you never see gaming phones hitting high sales volume.

To each his own I say. Whatever phone suits you, then just go for it.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 08 Jan 2022Lol keep licking greedy developers boots. 98% mobile games ... moreSooo true. It is a shame Steam Valve hasn't developed an Android version yet.

  • Anonymous

Hills od, 07 Jan 2022Lol speak for yourself sir.Lol keep licking greedy developers boots. 98% mobile games are going nowhere.

  • Design Counts

Trooper, 07 Jan 2022Mercedes Benz rang and said that they would like their badg... moreI have been thinking that for a while.

Hills od, 07 Jan 2022Lol speak for yourself sir.He does have a point in the sense that 95% of mobile games are complete garbage, we're talking free to play games but with everything locked behing a paywall. You must spend hundreds a month to stay competitive. What's also behind that paywall is that the said games are often just style and lack substance.

If you're looking hard enough you'll find some actual good games, but there's just not that many on mobile to justify designing from the ground-up a purpose built device.

You don't buy a gaming device that has only like 6 decent games.
The only reason that can justify this phone is emulation. Not mobile gaming.
But still, I love the way it looks and with 720hz touch sampling it's gonna be blazing fast.

YoloBS, 07 Jan 2022Plz no hole this time .Hole? The Duel 1, 2 and this new one are hole free. The Black Shark 4/4S and Xiaomi Redmi K40 Gaming had a punch hole camera in the screen.

Lenovo makes nice phones, but the support is bad. Mine Duel 2 is still on Android 11 with security patch june 1 2021 and had only one tiny update.

KondriX, 07 Jan 2022It's really funny to see 'phones, gaming and main... moreLol speak for yourself sir.

Excalibur, 07 Jan 2022I hope this phone survives jerryrigeverythingLol

720Hz Touch Sampling!? O_O
Wow... that's staggeringly fast.

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notafanboy, 07 Jan 2022"Gaming" phones disgust me Simple, you aren't in their target market.

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AnonD-1018516, 07 Jan 2022In the industry there is only Xiaomi which makes gaming pho... moreexactly.

I didn't like the design much. But according to their claim, it should serve some solid performance

I hope this phone survives jerryrigeverything

  • Trooper

Mercedes Benz rang and said that they would like their badge back...

MagicMonkeyBoy, 07 Jan 2022Wow... I love it... Gaming is now mainstream in design... It's really funny to see 'phones, gaming and mainstream' in the same sentence. I travel pretty often and I have yet to see a gaming phone. And gaming on phones are just garbage, really.. Better read something or do anything else than spending all your time with 'mobile gaming'.

I'm a little bummed that they didn't continue with the side pop-up cam but I guess they ran into durability issues they felt wasn't worth the cost (I mean, the ENTIRE phone wasn't durable but you get it).

Wow.. looks cool

  • AnonD-1018516

notafanboy, 07 Jan 2022"Gaming" phones disgust me But who cares, a lot of people (include me) like it tho.