The Oppo Pad will support 33W fast charging, gets a 3C certification

10 January 2022
The tablet is rumored to have an 8,080 mAh battery powering an 11" 120 Hz LCD and a Snapdragon 870 chipset.

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  • 6TT
  • 11 Jan 2022

At that price, I really hope they include the stylus for free + good global rom support

Looking at xiaomi, its pad 5 is good. However, the sub-par global rom support is really deal-breaker.

So, I hope OPPO do it right.

    The main advantage Galaxy Tabs have (and will probably keep having for a long time) is that they include the S Pen in the box. Here in Europe, it can be pretty tricky - if not almost impossible - to get styluses for other brands, like Lenovo Precision Pen or Xiaomi Smart Pen. I highly doubt Oppo or other brands under the BBK Electronics umbrella will include a stylus in the box.

      Let's not forget that the OnePlus Pad is also coming this year.

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        • M@X
        • 10 Jan 2022

        Don't get yout hopes up, price is going to be around 2x higher than the one set for chinese market.
        Same thing happened with Lenovo Yoga Tab 13 (400€ in chinese market, 760€ in global market) and Tab 12 Pro (480€ chinese / 800€ global) last year if other chinese brand can be used as a reference.

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          • d@y
          • 10 Jan 2022

          Good we need more players in android tablet

            hopefully that price is valid, hello TCL... look at this, it is better than your $250 tablets.

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              • rJ9
              • 10 Jan 2022

              Nscurre, 10 Jan 2022That price is pretty delicious if trueYup, anywhere close to the mentioned price will be tempting provided rumoured specs are true

                Even if the price is 400 Euros in Europe it would go down a treat. Its closest competitors would be the Galaxy Tab S7, Xiaomi Pad 5, and iPad 9; and it's better than the Xiaomi Pad 5 and iPad 9, and the Tab S7 is more expensive. just going by the specs.

                  That price is pretty delicious if true