Honor announces Magic UI 6.0, here is the update roadmap for current devices

10 January 2022
The Magic V will have v6.0 out of the box, the Magic3 trio will be the first to get it as an update.

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  • Nulda

What about Honor 20 Pro?

  • Nikojas

How many years support will honor give their new phones? Can't find this info anywhere

Anonymous, 11 Jan 2022No mention about Honor 30/30 Pro/30S?Those are huawei phones

Xijadrode, 10 Jan 2022So Honor is still basically Huawei sub brand that "bec... moreNo you're wrong, they are independent but stole as much data from Huawei before the split. While this might look like harmony OS, it's lacking tons of features. Harmony 3.0 and so on will look more different from Honor.

  • Anonymous

No mention about Honor 30/30 Pro/30S?

Basically a fake Harmony OS clone, but worse. I'm curious to see what Honor will do after the patents they got from Huawei are expired. Magic UI 8.0 and Harmony OS 4 will definitely be very different.

  • Xijadrode

So Honor is still basically Huawei sub brand that "became independent" to just escape sanctions and get Google Services back so they can sell in Western market. I see EMUI 12/HarmonyOS UI just with slight changes.