Samsung Galaxy A52s 5G is the latest model to receive Android 12 update with One UI 4

10 January 2022
It follows in the footsteps of the A52 which got it last week.

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  • 04 Dec 2022

JO, 03 Feb 2022I have two A52s 5G, same model, both just one month old. On... moreI have the same problem,i have 2 a52s s one ubdated sucsefully one stops at 25% i formated it but it doesent change a thing

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    • Shinto
    • KgZ
    • 17 Feb 2022

    After the update my bluetooth audio in YT is choppy or skipping but Tidal and music is fine. Any fix for this?

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      • pXD
      • 03 Feb 2022

      I have two A52s 5G, same model, both just one month old. One updated successfully, the other didn't. Stops at 25% on the final phase. Samsung support does not provide answers, either by phone and by email. First time I went for a Samsung phone. I regret it so much! This silence is a complete disrespect for costumers. Anyone had the same issue? And found a solution?

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        • Abhijith trivandrum
        • 7k3
        • 27 Jan 2022

        Bit lagging in some this a bug???

          Ram, 12 Jan 2022Well I have A52s model. With performance I am satisfied. Bu... more23 hours and 12 minutes. Depends on how you use your phone on a regular basis.

            Anonymous, 13 Jan 2022...but does not work photosphere or not after another frame.Not all the functions work.
            I use it essentially to take regular photos and videos.
            For more details, I think you get in touch with the develiper directly through his Telegram channel.

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              • SXm
              • 13 Jan 2022

              Khiyat Badr, 11 Jan 2022Well, Gcam does work on my A52s and really happy with the r... more...but does not work photosphere or not after another frame.

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                • SXm
                • 13 Jan 2022

                Khiyat Badr, 11 Jan 2022Well, Gcam does work on my A52s and really happy with the r... more...but does not work photosphere or not after another frame.

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                  • Ram
                  • GRP
                  • 12 Jan 2022

                  Well I have A52s model. With performance I am satisfied. But battery is insufficient I mean under 5000 MAH isn't to be justify. Maximum 15 hours backup.😕

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                    • Ed romero
                    • Hxi
                    • 12 Jan 2022

                    My phone was A52s 5G im always waiting new update ONE ui 4 im excited

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                      • Ed romero
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                      • 12 Jan 2022

                      I vant wait for the new update ui 4.0

                        Anonymous, 11 Jan 2022There are almost no phones that can be bought nowadays. A52... moreWell, Gcam does work on my A52s and really happy with the results. The one I'm using is the latest stable BSG port which you can download here alongside the the proper xml file for the A52 (since both phones have the same camera setup).

                        Here's the link :

                        (Download either the ruler or scan3d, they're made for Samsung)

                        Once installed, load the xml file, close and relaunch. Afterwards, open gcam and head to Settings - Modules to set the variable 61444 for every lens ( The variable is Session of Photo modes) I D) and set Level 3 for all the module hardwares.

                        Once done, go back to Settings - Configs and save the modifications.

                        All set and you'll be able to enjoy Gcam on the A52s.

                          I got the update today on my Note 20 Ultra in the Czech Republic. However it bricked my favorite game and I can't even start it now, it crashes the moment I launch it :(. Yeah, it's the developer's fault because they had more than enough time to prepare, but obviously they didn't like with most other things in the game. Still, I can't play and I am addicted!

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                            • AnonD-1033404
                            • asu
                            • 11 Jan 2022

                            Kangal, 11 Jan 2022I beg to differ, this is a flagship phone. Here are the rea... moreWriting an essay ain't gonna make this phone better than what is it :
                            Who told you every 120Hz screen is the one on S21/S21 plus?
                            They're different
                            S series uses high quality Dynamic AMOLED 2X
                            And your A52s uses midrange quality Super AMOLED

                            Battery size
                            4500mah isn't life changing and unique 80% of phones have it

                            Every top level products of intel, AMD and Nvidia has throttling problems it doesn't mean Sd480 is better
                            Plus there's a different between 700 and 800 series
                            800 series much better isp
                            Flagship chip is always a flagship chip

                            "It's better than the 2019 flagships like the S10+"
                            Samsung seller brain washed you
                            Fell free to chech gsm review of both

                            Design? Lol yeah it got flagship design

                            At the end this phone don't offer anything more than it is on the paper
                            And midrange phone is always a midrange phone

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                              • 3x6
                              • 11 Jan 2022

                              Kangal, 11 Jan 2022I beg to differ, this is a flagship phone. Here are the rea... moreIts not a flagship. It performs well above its price (ignoring the inability to root) but processor isn't fast enough and camera isn't good enough to be considered a flagship. That's not to say 778g isn't a great processor, or the camera isn't good, but they're not flagship level, that's all.
                              It also doesn't have UFS 3.1 and video at 60fps can't be stabilized.
                              Overall I consider it a better buy than many phones, unless you're looking to make the best out of your phone by rooting.

                                AnonD-1033404, 11 Jan 2022it's still nothing but an upper midrangeI beg to differ, this is a flagship phone. Here are the reasons why:
                                same as S21 Ultra, 3-Years update, better than other flagships. It's much better software and support than midrange Motorola, Realme, Xiaomi, Vivo, Lenovo, etc etc.

                                Screen - same as the S20 and S21 phones and other flagships. Has a better screen than some flagships from last year. This is not typical for midrange devices.

                                Battery Size - they've crammed a lot in here. Sometimes they reduce this spec to justify people to upgrade to higher models. The battery life is excellent for this phone, which is a good feature.

                                Performance - this has the QSD 778 processor. It's well balanced and doesn't throttle. The QSD 888+ throttles and becomes very hot, very thirsty, and very slow... and at that point this runs better. The performance is actually very close between the flagships 855, 855+, 860, 778, 780, 865, 865+, 870, 888, and 888+ chipsets. There's a huge difference if you look at the next chipset down which is the QSD 768G which has a much slower CPU and GPU.

                                IP67/IP68 - hardly any midrange devices have it. For me, this is a must have. Or if my device doesn't have waterproofing, then it needs to have a User Removable Battery instead (which is impossible to find).

                                Design - It fits well in a pocket, and feels great in the hand. Has a good heft it it and doesn't look ugly either. It's been shown to tackle bumps and drops very well. And the Rear Backplate is not fragile and not prone to cracking. Some midrange devices don't measure up when it comes to ergonomics.

                                Camera - It's better than the 2019 flagships like the S10+. It isn't as good as the 2021 flagships like the S21 Ultra. It's somewhere in the middle. Very comparable to the S20fe device, which has often been praised as a great flagship with a great camera, but sold under a cheaper price.

                       I said, it has most of the advantages that flagship phones have but it also has none of their disadvantages. Firstly, it's affordable, and that is objectively a good thing. Secondly it has features that have been lost on flagship phones such as Headphone Jack, microSD slot, DualSIM, and even comes with a Fast Charger in the box. Thirdly, it has a Flat Display and NOT a Curved Screen like so many options out there.

                                Here's where it is lacking:
                                - USB 2.0 (Type C) port is a midrange feature. It should have at lease 3.0, and preferably had 3.2 with advanced features, like OTG, Host, and Video Out.
                                - Lacks DeX like the S10/20/21 devices. This feature will probably come via Custom Roms.
                                - Gcam port is not available. Currently, developers don't have their hands on one. So things like root, custom recovery, kernel, roms, and mods, are not yet available. But it is very similar device to the Samsung A52 and Samsung S21, so it won't be very long/difficult when it gets its own XDA forums.
                                - Less third-party accessories, like Cases, when compared to the standard S21 devices.
                                - It uses a (high-grade) Matte Plastic, instead of the (fragile) Glossy Glass we see on other phones. To me this is a positive thing, but people can subjectively prefer one over the other. I still think something like a Scratch-Resistant 7000-Series Aluminium Unibody is one of the best Materials to use on a phone.

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                                  • Anonymous
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                                  • 11 Jan 2022

                                  There are almost no phones that can be bought nowadays. A52s has headphone jack but can't be rooted and it doesn't really support GCam. Poor developer support.

                                  You have Sony and some Asus those have headphone jack but too expensive. Zenfone 8 overheats and battery isn't good. Also 256gb version is expensive, considering there's no microSD slot.

                                  G100 has hp jack and can be rooted but not an option if you want good camera and audio. Overall isn't bad for the price.
                                  Poco x3 pro has no 5g.

                                  Realme GT's bootloader can't be unlocked at least officially. Not sure if any unofficial method exists for Global one. Also new Realme ones got no headphone jack.

                                  The Mi lite series lost headphone jack. Poco F series has lost it.

                                  In a nutshell, there's really no phone today that one can be happy with. Totally unacceptable.

                                    Anonymous, 11 Jan 2022Is it? With iOS it's a guarantee for smooth operation ... moreI gotta sat that my three years old S10 works smoother than ever now. The One UI 4/A12 update gave new life to the phone. I'd dare to say that even battery life was improved

                                      S20+ receiving OneUI 4 in India

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                                        • 8rx
                                        • 11 Jan 2022

                                        Its-Spider, 11 Jan 2022Is this a joke? iPhones have been notorious for slowing dow... moreYup. They even got sued from what i've heard. Apple will slow down your phone to the point it's barely functional so you would be forced to buy a new one