OnePlus 10 Pro is official: SD 8 Gen 1, 80W charging and LTPO 2.0 display

11 January 2022
A new chipset, faster charging and a better screen are just some of the changes.

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  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 13 Jan 2022OnePlus phones have traditionally been sealed pretty well, ... moreYou high? The oneplus 8 pro has an ip rating as does the 9 pro. (note this only applies to the pro models, which are more expensive)

I'm kind of die-hard fan of OP phones, I've used exclusively OP phones since OP One. Main reasons: price, software and the value ratio of price with what the phone has to offer. Now the software (I'm in EU so OxygenOS) is extremely buggy and annoying after the merge with Color OS and missing a lot of features that it had in the previous versions and -as it was announced- its future is bleak, ad best. The price also rose up to a point where it's just a meh phone along other flagship wannabes. The camera setup of OP 10 is also disappointing. I'm not a gamer so I couldn't care less for game throttling, I watch media content on other devices than a mobile so I don't care for the special display. It looks like I'll not upgrade my phone this year to OP 10 Pro, as I have hoped. I'll probably wait for September 2022 to see what are the mid season changes, but, probably I'll migrate toward Xiaomi or Vivo ( I have basic knowledge of burning roms since HTC rom mania times, so I don't worry too much about not linking MIUI or Funtouch ).

  • Anonymous

ThanosB75, 12 Jan 2022I Love it!!! We are willing to buy two of them!!! Great Pho... moreOnePlus phones have traditionally been sealed pretty well, but lack the official IP-rating. This one might be like that too, unless they changed it up this time.

  • Jorma

Would have been worth it when considering a new phone IF the screen was 0,7" smaller. Another thing I just don't get is that why do manufacturers think that more cameras is better? Put one good shooter instead of three, since nobody actually needs those anyhow (if they do, they have a proper camera).

  • Anonymous

OhNom, 13 Jan 2022Talk about Pixel or what? Because they are the only ones th... moreAnd even Pixel only with version 6. Old ones got 3 years only.

  • Me

8 Gb ram and 128 memory in 2022? Are you serious? Shame for you, OP.... But price is ho ho ho....

  • Walid

all is well but design is bit bad

  • techbro

OP10 has new elements for an increase price tag of $ 1000 to $1400 dollars as per Oneplus custom of price increase.

Anonymossy, 11 Jan 20221) You're not wrong, plastic is a lot less prone to br... moreThe 1440 resolution was really started by Samsung years ago when they were promoting the VR headset adapter for the phones. In the close magnification of the VR lenses the higher res 1440 did make a difference. In normal viewing of a 6.5in screen 1080 is really enough.

I mean who are these ppl that keep buying phones with curved screens need to take a break so the brands get it through their thicc head that they need to change that design...

  • Anonymous

AsUsual, 12 Jan 2022Typical that the western market (where these companies make... moreBecause they need to adjust the software to hide the tracking software for global markets

AnonD-1033404, 11 Jan 20225 yearsTalk about Pixel or what? Because they are the only ones that offer that, unless the brands have contacted you and told you something we do not know

Pixel -> 5
Samsung -> 4
Sony -> 3

Anonymous, 12 Jan 2022i think you are also paying more for to get a more optimise... moreMaybe, but hearing reports software is buggy. I was sooo near OP9 because of discounted price, but optee to wait and my decision was correct one. Hopefully OP will not minimize core functionality and power. And that new os will be less buggy.

  • Ariel

In my opinion, it´s really ugly

  • ThanosB75

I Love it!!! We are willing to buy two of them!!! Great Phone with Great Specs and Cameras!!! Does anybody know what happened with ip 68????? There is no ip 68 anymore if I understand correctly...

Last Year Samsung Design....!

  • Anonymous

This is even worse than than some of the budget Android phone design and also it runs colour OS. Not to mention the chipset is 2 years behind in multicore applications than the already old A15. Only a fool will buy this. And it is hilarious how those children are posing with it like it's somekind of fashion material.

If the camera island is plastic, you can shove it back where it came from.

Anonymous, 12 Jan 2022well amost all flagships in recent years (except Xperia) do... moreMost headphone manufacturers are developing bluetooth headphones, including TWS.

  • AsUsual

Typical that the western market (where these companies make most of their money) need to wait multiple additional months in order to buy what then amounts to outdated hardware. Really pathetic to be honest. Why can Samsung, Sony, Apple etc. all release their phones globally but companies like Xiaomi, OnePlus etc. are all taking months to release in the west (if ever, as the Mi 11 Ultra never made it to the west). I won't buy le "chinaphone" until they start to care more about western markets and I hardly believe they don't have the money to start focusing more there.