Apple Watch 8 may skip out on body temperature sensor

11 January 2022
The feature was rumored for a while but "chatter has slowed down".

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  • Rajrani
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  • 23 Jan 2022

I am v keen to buy one since it is more useful to read the sugar level in diabetic people.diabeties is spreading fast and pricking of finger is v premitive method.
It is more useful then measuring body tmp etc.hw much I wish that it is launched fast and at a reasonable rate for people like us from middle class to efford it

    I'm eager to join the iOS Ecosystem.
    They have the most optimised Apps, Accessories, the best tablets, Apple CarPlay, iMessenger, and pretty neat phones too (Mini, Pro, Max). But come with the most restrictions, and the highest prices.

    The new MacBook Pro's with the Pro/Max chipsets are awesome, but difficult to transition to from Windows. So that's a maybe.

    But the thing that I personally find which blocks me is their Apple Watch. For me, it is a fashion item first (form over function). I don't want their weird rectangular shape, with curved sides, uneven buttons, and asymmetrical. It's unsightly. Steve Jobs would've never approved of it, or the notch. And any watchface on it doesn't look good. The Samsung Watch 3/4 they are circular, thin, ergonomic, and have a rotating bevel. These look like real mechanical watches, and pair nicely for casual, business, or formal wear.

    So until Apple releases a Circle Watch, I think I will stay in Android. It doesn't seem like they will ever release one, but it's possible now that they've ridden themselves of Jony Ive.

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      • 12 Jan 2022

      Harpoon, 11 Jan 2022Waiting apple watch with flat sides. You'll not going to see one because it wouldn't be comfortable to wear. I have Apple Watch 5, the 44mm version and I also have classic wrist watches up to 47mm in size (Orient M-Force Red Beast). Haing sharp flat sides would dig too much into wrist when hand is at an angle. The above Orient even has watch crown on the other side so the left hand wearers don't have it digging into wrist.

      It would only work with flat sides, but still curved bottom. Which would probably look weird on the wrist.

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        • BVu
        • 12 Jan 2022

        Anonymous, 11 Jan 2022No sensor = no buyi wont buy either

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          • Harpoon
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          • 11 Jan 2022

          Waiting apple watch with flat sides.

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            • 11 Jan 2022

            No sensor = no buy