Huawei P50 Pro and P50 Pocket European rollout to begin on January 25

13 January 2022
The first market on the Old Continent is Bulgaria.

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The P50 Pocket looks like a flop. It can't compete with the Flip 3 with that useless circular outer display and higher price. The Razr still has the best design and cover display among foldable clamshells.

The only Chinese foldable that looks good is the Oppo Find N. Huawei and Xiaomi made a tall and narrow foldable like Samsung did. They're just copying what Samsung has been releasing for the last 3 years.

  • Breizhdad

Lack of GMS is not an issue except for Gsuite users obviously... Now with Gspace, most apps will work like a charm.
The lack of 5G is probably more of a handicap for this phone. I'm a p40 pro user, love it, and the camera is crazy good, it's already 2 years old. Noise, artifacts, dynamic range, details, Samsung is out.

  • Raky

Kev, 13 Jan 2022I gotta be honest. I am betting on the same price as the Hu... morePossibly more....they believe that everything is in good camera and brand name.
So did HTC, and where are they now!?

Huawei have to realize soon as possible, that they are not premium brand in Europe, and that they can't fight others with that prices, while missing google qpps

The Malaysian pricing for the P50 pocket is extremely ridiculous imo. Starting from roughly around 1.4k usd, we dk what are getting from Huawei's foldable. Even Z flip 3 which is around 450 bucks cheaper offers better specs for the price and 5g. P50 pro itself will prob lost against the upcoming S22 series and iPhone 13 series in the market with no 5g and GMS 🤦

Hoped for the non pro p50

Kev, 13 Jan 2022I gotta be honest. I am betting on the same price as the Hu... moreI say it will be 999.

  • Kev

I gotta be honest. I am betting on the same price as the Huawei Mate 40 Pro: 1199 euros.

But we'll see.

Better late than never

The only good thing about this beauty is the camera. The rest, doesn't deserve paying that much for it (which I'm pretty sure it won't be cheap)
Older SOC, no 5G, no Google Services...what a pitty.

  • Anonymous


  • Mihail

Great news! If the price is reasonable, I'll definitely get P50 Pro!