Instagram is testing vertically scrolling Stories

13 January 2022
Coming to a phone in your hand soon.

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when US social media try to clone a Chinese social media
no one seems care, it will be a blown up news if it's the opposite

  • Anonymous

Both Instagram and tiktok are successful because they provided a unique experience.
No need to copy everything.

WHO wants this? Not everything has to be a TikTok clone oh my god

  • No matter

The begining of the end. Another tiktok crap is coming. I'm nor interested in stupid dances or not funny jokes. At least make this function turnable off.

Bring back chronological feed!!! Nobody want your stupid story scrolling.

big company copying from one of the most popular app from China, have they run out of ideas?

I think they should first bring back chronological feed to everyone as it used to be before and then they can test whatever they want!

  • Anonymous

Narazumono, 13 Jan 2022Even Instagram will have vertical scrolling before the app ... moreHow is that even related lmao

  • Anonymous

Yet another megacorp imitating tiktok. They will truly destroy the internet.

Omg please don't do dis

We are still waiting for the option to mix vertical and horizontal photos in same post, without losing frame! And we have been waiting for that in over 4 years now.

Even Instagram will have vertical scrolling before the app drawer on Samsung