Flashback: the LG V10 had unique second screen, rugged design and a fatal flaw

15 January 2022
This was a phone designed for serious, demanding users and could have been the start of something great.

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  • 16 Jan 2022

THIS is how the iPhone's notch should have been!
Except that rather than having a second display, the main one should have been split between main and (on each sides of the notch), the status.
If well done, it gives a "fullscreen" aesthetic while not causing to have a stupid dent on the main display.

    Not to forget . The display Refresh rate was 65HZ. Smoother back in 2015

      I was a big fan of the V series LGs between the V10 and V20, actually nearly got the V20 but there was no stock of it that month with my network so I chose to get the S7 Edge due to its larger battery, part of me still like the quirkiness of the LGs though.

        Meddy, 16 Jan 2022Can you find one of this now days? I want one.Trust me you don't want one.

          I got the V10 having heard of the bootlooping on the G4, but didn't realize it also happened on the V10 too. Boy was that a mistake.

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            • 16 Jan 2022

            Meddy, 16 Jan 2022Can you find one of this now days? I want one.$99 on ebay , from China.
            New, closed box.

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              • 16 Jan 2022

              I was an LG smartphone fan and is still now. The good thing with LG is their phone design. Bring their own innovative idea whether people like it or not. I am very much used with their menu design and approach. I owned LG V10, V30+, V40 and now I have LG G8X with the dual screen which is unique in its own way. I will be very glad if LG smartphone comes back, something similar to what sony did. Look for a market for high end smartphones for selective users. I will be the first to buy a new version of LG G8X. Because of the dual screen aspect it is now difficult for me to choose another smartphone. Please LG Come back !.

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                • 16 Jan 2022

                Loved V30, it's design and DAC. My personal pinaccle of smartphone innovative craft. Catching on with tech news was fun back then.

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                  • 16 Jan 2022

                  Can you find one of this now days? I want one.

                    The black version really stood out with the 'squares' on the back! I was quite envious about that phone, but already owned an LG G2 mini.

                    Purchased an amazing blue V30 in 2018 and finally got my 'revenge'. Sold it to a friend, missed it, bought black 128GB V30+ new for €280,- in 2019 (rediculous) and still use that gem now.

                    The good thing those two V30's are sometimes together when i visit that friend and then they really scream it out of joy and excitement when they lie next to each other on the table.

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                      • Dani
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                      • 16 Jan 2022

                      I've used a G5 since realse, until november last year. Litearlly best phone i owned, except the battery life. I would buy another LG if I could find one new... I miss them :(

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                        • 16 Jan 2022

                        Anonymous, 16 Jan 2022The industry is all for the worse for LG's absence.I think it is funny some famous youtubers made videos like "I'll miss you, LG"... After bashing brand for years.

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                          • 16 Jan 2022

                          The industry is all for the worse for LG's absence.

                            BTW, Gsmarena should do a flashback on LG G2. It was literally the best phone of 2013 & was class-leading in all aspects. It instantly turned me into a fan of LG & it sits in my top 10 phones of all time list. It was literally as perfect as a phone could be in 2013. Class-leading camera, audio, screen, performance, battery life, design. It also had the smallest bezels at that time. Truly a masterpiece of a phone. It deserves a flashback article!

                              Missing LG 😔

                                V10 had boot loops like the G4 and even Nexus 5P.

                                I did own the V20 and loved it like my G5. But both screen retention issues and my V20 also had slight light leakage at the top. The best-looking V-series was V30 but it lost removable battery and got the glass rear back.

                                I do miss LG. We don't have as many options compared 6 years ago when an LG and HTC flagship would get released. Or 6 years before that when Nokia, BlackBerry, and Palm were still around. Even Garmin made a smartphone.

                                  Samath N8 808 owner, 16 Jan 2022Its been one year since I've owned my LG G8x and I am ... moreThe biggest 3 factors that initially drew me towards LG flagship phones are:

                                  1) Sublime analog audio quality through 3.5mm audio jack, thanks to the GOD awesome ESS made QuadDAC. It had no competition bar few models from Vivo like NEX S.

                                  2) Native DSD audio playback capabilty through QuadDAC. Nothing can compete when it comes to audio quality of DSD (dsf, dff files) when played natively as the binary files are decoded at hardware level inside the DAC. Not the low quality software decoding stuff.

                                  3) Flagship grade phones (not flagship killers) at rock bottom prices.

                                  But later as I used their flagships, they grew on me and I loved them. I bought most of their flagships released in India from G7 onwards and later sold most of them. The keepers were their most balanced flagships. A pair of LG V30+, a pair of LG G8X and a cheap $100 LG K42.

                                  I sorely miss LG phones as one of the true pioneers of smartphone industry is just gone.

                                    Used this phone back in the day. One of my favorite phones by far. Excellent all around. Camera, audio, design, specs. Everything was good except the mediocre battery life. I never faced the bootloop issue either. I think the bootloop issue was more prevalent on the G4, and they probably reduced it for the V10. I also used the V20, V30 & V40, and they were all excellent phones.

                                    LG made some of the best flagships between 2012 & 2018. Too bad they got off-track & couldn't make it back.

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                                      • 16 Jan 2022

                                      Travis999, 16 Jan 2022Unfortunately the dreaded LG bootloop problem was well know... morereally?

                                      On XDA, it seemed it was mostly US carrier devices the ones that were having issues.
                                      But oh well, not like it matters anymore.

                                      As for LG, they got their stuff together when the G7 released, but it was a bit too late by then. People got burned by the G5, the G6 was a uninspired phone and the V series lost its touch.

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                                        • 16 Jan 2022

                                        And when we look at pixel 6 / for that, the LG G4 / V10 was not so problematic. Otherwise, the S808 caused a problem for both the Nexus and the blackberry.