Samsung manufactured over 300 million units in 2021, Galaxy S21 lineup underperformed

14 January 2022
The global chip shortage and the continuing COVID-19 crisis are the main culprits.

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  • Anonymous

Can't say I am a fan of what Sammy is doing but everyone is doing it and I am not going to use an outdated phone like Note 9 just because of micro sd and headphone jack. Yes micro sd is still important but the headphone jack ? For me it's not. I can't remember when was the last time I used the headphone jack. If these two were so important, then why is Sony doing so bad on their mobile division ? But this is just me.

  • Anonymous

Mack, 16 Jan 2022Since Samsung keeps removing features and downgrading their... moreSay what ? LMAO. Man you are tripping.


  • Mack

Since Samsung keeps removing features and downgrading their phones, it makes sense to go Apple tbh.

  • Improver

skanderworld, 15 Jan 2022Well for me Samsung's Flagships main feature to differ... moreI am also not buying sumsung if they dont include microSD card. It is also about security - if phone dies, data on the card remain ok - just take out the card and use data immediately - and safely give phone to the service or recycling. If you dont have data on micro sd and phone gets broken/non operational you have to give it to the service which by procedure completely deletes internal storage - your data (potential data leakege can also exist).
Basically phone companies also charge high margins for additional 128 gb or 256 gb internal memory - and just additionally increase their already high profits.

  • Leon

Well the S21 is, by far, the best phone I ever had.

  • Anonymous

Aside from Sony, which flagship smartphones that still comes with a headphone jack and expandable storage? None, right?

  • Sablenk

skanderworld, 15 Jan 2022Well for me Samsung's Flagships main feature to differ... moreIt's up to you my friend, when we are talking a flagship phone right now, every flagship is good. If I gott to choose between 1 tb insternal storage or 256/512 internal plus expandable eksternal, definitely choose 1tb internal, its faster and no hassle.

  • skanderworld

Well for me Samsung's Flagships main feature to differentiate from competitors was the MicrosSD Expandable Storage and I'm sure is the same for a lot of Samsung Fans. You remove that feature and you are just another one in the bunch, and on top of that jack up prices, people Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra will bring back the expandable storage, if not I will just to an iPhone Pro Max 1TB. Let me know what you guys think.

The Galaxy A50 was a good phone. But the A52 was more heavy and bulkier. That's why I chose the Xiaomi Mi 11 lite 5G.

Samsung are the best

  • Anonymous

AlirnKiss, 15 Jan 2022Lmao! Did you see me saying anything about the price? I wa... moreI agree mate , samsung has virtually cheapened the whole flagship galaxy range ,
I don't know what wacky tabacky galaxy bosses have been smoking these last three years or so , but they have effectively turned 9 or 10 years of building up the galaxy flagship models into low rent models with many features removed and even the accessories gone.
if they cut features and accessories only on the budget samsung phones , that would be one thing ,
but they have killed the whole galaxy flagship series ,
even the ultra S21 ultra looks low rent .
if I my galaxy note 9 on the table next to Samsung's best of today features and accessories and what came in the box ,
it truly makes any high end galaxy of today look like low rent models.

  • Anonymous

stelian0660, 15 Jan 2022I think just phones keep getting better and better and peop... moreI don't think that is the case at all , you have to remember that every year the population goes up and more people are buying smart phones.
And as a long time galaxy buyer , I have been disappointed with the high end galaxy's for the last three years.
in the last three years Samsung's razor gang has removed a whole bunch of features ,
add to that the removal of the accessories, the deletion of the proper galaxy note, and the degrading the S models with plastic backs and lower display resolution.
Samsung used to be brand to buy for a flagship with all the bells and whistles.
Sadly this is not the case any more.
I never thought I'd see the day when iphones look better than galaxy's.
Samsung has cheapened the whole galaxy series .

  • AnonF-1034642

AlienKiss, 15 Jan 2022Indeed! Only CODM is 14 GB on my phone. Termux is another 1... moreSony update schedule 👉👌

"The bulk of Samsung's sales come from the mid-range Galaxy A and M series..."

Is that even a surprise, to be honest? If Samsung put DeX on the top-range Galaxy A models, that would tank the Galaxy S sales even higher.

  • Gg12

Well, may be Samsung should stop removing features from their hardware and sells will go back up. The presence of microSD slot and headphone jacks doesn't hurt those that have no use for them.

  • Anonymous

AlienKiss, 15 Jan 2022Indeed! Only CODM is 14 GB on my phone. Termux is another 1... moreAgreed. They removed the SD slot so they can make more money from the clouds, typical greed
I'm using an S10+ which is going to be 3 years old in a few months and it's definitely starting to show it's age, thinking about moving to Sony as well unless Samsung brings back the SD, but we know that's not going to happen

  • stelian0660

I think just phones keep getting better and better and people are holding to them more. I remember the time when I changed phones every year because they kept getting trash. I love my S21 and I don't intend to switch at least for another 3 4 years

  • AlienKiss

Anonymous, 15 Jan 2022You're talking as if 64 gb is a lot of storage. If you... moreIndeed! Only CODM is 14 GB on my phone. Termux is another 16GB. So only 2 apps and 30GB are puff, gone!
If I wouldn't have my SD card, I'd have to be downloading and uploading constantly on paid cloud service just to access my files. I don't have the time for such hassle!
The removal of the SD card slot on high-end flagship phones is totally a slap in the face from Samsung! We're either forced to accept using outdated phones like Note10+/Note 20U or go for Sony. No other brand has the SD slot available on high-end flagships.
NO SD card slot = NO BUY! (🖕 Samsung! ) => Hello Sony! I'm back! 🙂

  • No matter

My S10 looks and works still fine and it has simetrical back so it doesnt wobble on the table. If S22 will still have the same uncompetitive camera setup - I'm kipping it as well.