Android 13 to offer multiple Material You dynamic theming styles

14 January 2022
Tonal Spot, Vibrant, Expressive and Spritz are the new options.

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  • Magnaroader

And yet still no native "Desktop Mode" when all the rest of the manufacturers have started implementing their own versions now

  • smartwatchguy

Anonymous, 15 Jan 2022Still looks ugly because there are no Blur And Transparency... moreIs this really one of the elements on which phone operating systems are trviewed? Aleays saw it as the unibody frame used by multiple brands to make the vehicles they want.

  • Anonymous

It looks fine. Evidently, my favorite artist is Jackson Pollock.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 15 Jan 2022That would be a bad ideaIt would be a good idea.

  • Anonymous

I hate the direction Android is going for. I rooted my Xperia 1 III solely because of it.

Every time I see Android 12, I keep thinking it's catered for female preteens obsessed with TikTok and Snapchat.

You know what had a beautiful design and felt manly and sleek? BlackBerry Bold 9900 from 2011. The one Kim Kardashian used for 5 years. I was using it yesterday while having lunch and it's gorgeous. Feels so great in the hand. BlackBerry had professional-looking designs. Too bad they're gone like HTC, LG, Palm, and the real Nokia.

  • Anonymous

Still looks ugly because there are no Blur And Transparency effects.

  • Wongwatt

Will any of them be an Android 11 theme?
Because everything about Android 12 is so very wrong.

Anonymous, 14 Jan 2022Most people haven't got Android 12 and never will. And... moreYes, we're talking about it because this is a tech site and most people outside the tech world are completely different from most people IN the tech world. I got android 12 on my Note 20 Ultra three days ago so I'm certain adoption rate on this website is way higher.

  • Anonymous

If they could separate the color picking from wallpaper and the theme application, it would be better to override the colors.
Right now the Samsung implementation of this feature does not create proper colors, but it's Good lock modules help customizing the colors better.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 14 Jan 2022I miss windows mobile 10 elegance and beauty.Yeah, me too. I have been using only Windows phones. I signed up for the Insider program and there were updates every Tuesday. Windows mobile was in some aspects decades ahead of the other OSes and in some it really stagnated. The design was absolutely stunning unlike anything and above all it was very pragmatic.

  • Anonymous

More ugly garbage. This is deserving of 12.1 or less, not 13.
Material Design 1 was better.

Nexus One, 15 Jan 2022Honestly, Google just keeps disappointing me over and over ... moreagree with this, this will be my next phone if Google make it.

Honestly, Google just keeps disappointing me over and over since 2019 but I have no choice but stick to Android because iOS will never be my choice ever again.

Google should release a $99 Pixel with Snap700 series bare minimum. Take over the market by undercutting everyone. Cater to what Nokia did for over a decade. Google makes most of their through AdSense. Not selling physical hardware.

They can use the same camera sensor from the Pixel 2 through 5 on these $99 Pixels since most of their photo quality is software-based. Google selling a $599 Pixel 6 is a start but they should be handing these Pixels practically for free. Means will be on internet using their services.

  • Anonymous

Nexus One, 14 Jan 2022Google should go back to the dessert names and just call it... moreThat would be a bad idea

All people complaining about updates, it's not like your phone will stop working if it won't receive Android 12 or 13.. I still have a Samsung Note 3 with Nougat and it's working just fine.

blueballz, 14 Jan 2022bet xiaomi won't include this feature in their miui be... moreyou technically can change the icon shape from the themes app, though it'd be nice if they let us customize them from settings like any other android skin

bet xiaomi won't include this feature in their miui because then nobody will use their useless theme app. and you still can't change your icon shape in miui for the same reason and its a feature in android from 2 years or more

Google should go back to the dessert names and just call it by its codename: Tiramisu.

9: Pie
10: Q
11: R
12: S
13: Tiramisu

Jordan Brand did the same thing briefly. Had Air Jordan 2009, 2010, 2011, and 2012 before it went back to the Roman nunerals with Jordan XXVIII.

  • Samar

Google will do unnecessary changes anf people go ga ga. Good old navigation bar has not received google's attention for far too long. Poeple who have used custom roms will know smartbar which gave ability to perform 21 actions from android's nav bar. i just wish google thinks about it.