Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 series detailed in comprehensive leak

14 January 2022
The three slates will be larger than average and will be powered by the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 chipset.

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  • Anonymous

God, 15 Jan 2022As your are a hater as he said because real ... moreReal pros don't use tablets. There are very few pros that can find the apps they need.

I code, there is nothing of note on iPad and Surface Pro is not a tablet, a bad Ultrabook more like. Android tabs at least can get chroot Linux and do *some* stuff. But yeah, tablets are not for work, that's a silly debate to have...

  • God

Solun1, 15 Jan 2022I agree, some iPad models will surely be technically speaki... moreAs your are a hater as he said because real professionals use ipads or surface pro as tablets are dead for some time

  • God

YUKI93, 15 Jan 2022Lol please, not with that sh*tty iPadOS. Until Apple put ma... moreTo do what? Affinity photos works like hell with surface pro, and i dont want to talk as a Maya user..

HaterzSuckkkkk, 15 Jan 2022well, nothing is saving blatant apple haters like you. B... moreI agree, some iPad models will surely be technically speaking more powerful than the Tab S8 - even if the range of things you can do with the iPad is much slimmer (there have been many handy features on samsung's tablets and the Note series that iOS or iPad OS still don't have and likely won't ever have. However, I am no iOS hater, I love technology and I'm always open to trying it out, I do so even with Apple devices. I just know what I like. I never wrote "iOS stinks" like you are quoting so please don't try to manipulate anyone.

The article says the Ultra screen is 2,960 x 1,848

The GSMArena spec sheet (linked to in the article (*)) says 2560 X 1600

Which is it?

Also, it's a disgrace that a near 15" tablet doesn't have an s-pen slot.

Lastly I'm willing to bet that the bezels will be too narrow. I already find it near impossible to hold my s7+ without touching the screen and buggering up touch screen interaction. And the S8 Ultra is much bigger and heavier, which will demand being held further from the edges.


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  • Anonymous

How does the underdisplay work on the LCD?

That's a lot of money for a Tab. Jeez!

  • Shukakumura

That's awful news. There is no reason for the standard S8 to still have no OLED, since there is no other version in that 10/11" range.also, no smaller 8" model is still a bummer and the prices are ridculous. Good thing Xiaomi and other Chiense manifacturers are going to take over like with phones.

Solun1, 15 Jan 2022Do you really care if the top-end iPad is more powerful? Be... morewell, nothing is saving blatant apple haters like you.

Buy what you want, but facts are facts: the iPad pro is more powerful than the s8 series, and there's nothing changing that.

On the other hand, the statement "IOS stinks" is a pure opinion of yours.

maik80, 15 Jan 2022Far from being phenomenal, iPad pro M1 is phenomenal, more ... moreLol please, not with that sh*tty iPadOS. Until Apple put macOS in the iPad Pro, I'll never recommend it to anyone. I'd ask them to buy a Surface Pro instead.

anDOnGu, 15 Jan 2022DEX is very powerful tool. I rarely use my PC anymore. I do... moreNot for me. I still use my Windows machine every day as Android is still incapable of being a true laptop replacement, especially when it comes to gaming and video editing. I do value DeX when travelling light without my Windows desktop, but that's about it. Until Android itself is wise enough to be like Windows or Linux like opening multiple documents or browser spaces, it will never be a desktop or laptop replacement. Don't factor in cloud PC virtualization as it needs a stable internet connection all the time and not all places have it in the first place.

I don't really mind much about the LCD panel since it never suffers from burn-in issues unlike an OLED panel, so the 11" option is not a bad choice after all. Also, it still retains the 120Hz screen refresh rate, Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 chipset, and MicroSD card support as its larger screen brothers.

  • Sahil

I am waiting from long time age. Samsung please launch it soon. I have been since September.

  • Anonymous

Ultra expensive. I'd rather buy a discounted ultrabook for the same money. And it's somehow funny, 'cause there's some laptops with oled screens as well.
Samsung went bonkers with their S Tab series.

Stondec100, 15 Jan 2022I actually compared them on the Galaxy Tab S7 series; the L... moreThis isn't even a debate it is objective that LCD is the brighter screen technology

Especially the larger the display gets

Don't even bother embarrassing yourself

IpsDisplay, 14 Jan 2022If course the LCD will be brighter... OLED gets worse an... moreI actually compared them on the Galaxy Tab S7 series; the LCD was much dimmer and simply worse in every category than the OLED.
OLED looked brighter and better in every way.

  • nore

I have waited too long for this but the specs they pushed are undrewhelming. and full fledged computers are getting better, like the asus z13

If only the 11inch model had OLED too... skipping.

S8+ the one