Retailers in Europe list Exynos-powered Galaxy S22 series

17 January 2022
The model numbers for this specific platform appeared in Italy and Ireland.

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Exynos is a meme, 18 Jan 2022There is no issue with exynos only when they stop making sn... moreExynos gets slow in heavy usage. Gets really hot. Gpu can't keep up with simple and heavy gfx games. Phone gets extremely hot when editing a lot of photos or a single 4k video.

Yes, exynos has a lot of issues. But you wouldn't know, when you only try exynos models.

AlienKiss, 18 Jan 2022S21/S22 FAIL: - no SD card slot - no 3.5mm jack - no WQH... moreS21 ultra 512/16GB exynos edition has card slot. Shared sim/sd card.

  • Anonymous

BeyondANGRY, 17 Jan 2022Mothaf&@#%*!! I guess it will be Vivo X80 Pro with Dime... moreNo samsung could not be beaten Ask lg and htc they will tell more of it . We samsung fans will buy whatever samsung sells even the box does not contain mobile phone or battery
Long live samsung kill apple next

  • AlienKiss

S21/S22 FAIL:
- no SD card slot
- no 3.5mm jack
- no WQHD+ display
- low DPI density display
- no charger
- no headphones
=> Hello Sony! 🌈👽💋

  • Exynos is a meme

There is no issue with exynos only when they stop making snapdragon version.
Issue is when you are seeing that snapdragon version of same device (same model ) crushes exynos version in every department, it feels bad.
Also point to note here is that exynos being in house developed should cost less. But it is fully opposite, we are paying more for exynos (not even same). How samsung even justfiy this. It is Like you pay more for bad product.

i guess we are missing the point.... Its a Samsung flagship, it should always be Exynos. Everywhere. Otherwise who will buy their flagship chips if they themselves are not confident.

  • Rakesh

CptPower, 18 Jan 2022No more much better snapdragon for europe. Saimsung faile... moreCant care less whats inside. So do 90% of consumers

  • Anonymous

Exynos 2200 is realised

  • LG

LG Valvet camera design being copied :(

  • Jack

Can someone explain why do you even need latest processor if even after 4 years of os life cycle it will still be too much, isn't it overkill for a phone
Mine has Snapdragon 865 and I feel it's overkill no matter how it's utilized

i guess samsung selling Snapdragon in US because of some patent issues or they're forced to use Snapdragon on those countries due to tight competition, otherwise Samsung would have sold Exynos everywhere. its their own chipset to bag more profit.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 17 Jan 2022Should be Eurasia, since both are connected. America shou... moreWhat are you talking about? North America and South America are connected by land.

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Anonymous, 17 Jan 2022USA : It is about the cdma and patents from qualcomm. Pay... morePrices in Europe are higher because of the high taxes, not because the prices are marked higher.

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Well, Samsung just officially launched the Exynos 2200 today so there are some truths to this story.

Anonymous, 18 Jan 2022Go for a different brand for unlucky countries getting the ... moreThe problem is the new Exynos chip will be in the top 2 of the best chips on the planet (and there are hundreds of chips on the market now). The only real competitor will be the newest Snapdragon. But it's not really a competition, you will be able to buy Snapdragon powered Galaxy S device if you wish to do so, it's only up to you. So please stop this childlish crying, you're probably not 6 years old anymore.

Note7 owner, 18 Jan 2022I like the square look on the s22. Reminds me of Sony Xperi... moreIt should remind you of the Note series because the S line was always round, while the Note line square. The S22 Ultra looks pretty much like the Note 20 Ultra.

I like the square look on the s22. Reminds me of Sony Xperia. Wish I didn’t get the fold 3.

  • Kuba

i have a feeling this year Exynos will be better than Snapdragon. already seen many reports Snapdragon 8gen1 is hot as an oven

  • explanation

Lee 8V88, 17 Jan 2022Surely the logical coding would have been: SM-S901E - Exyn... moreB is bad
E is excellent

Olympus Oms, 17 Jan 2022Direct words from Samsung marketing Scandinavia: the choice... moreThink about and you know it's the only right answer.