Disassembly: Take a look inside the OnePlus 10 Pro

18 January 2022
The OnePlus 10 Pro is like any other modern flagship - hard to pry open.

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Not sure why the ultra-wide had such a massive downgrade in the sensor size for the 10 Pro compared to the 9 Pro. The 9 Pro already had what was possibly the best ultra-wide on the market. Newer generations are supposed to feature improvements, not downgrades.

    I'm still mad at how big of a difference there is in sensor size between the main camera sensor and the ultrawide & telephoto camera sensors. At the very least, the ultrawide could be somewhere around 1/2" while the telephoto could be at 1/2.55" and I wouldn't mind the extra thickness penalty to have them on board.

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      • Lasoku
      • tx0
      • 19 Jan 2022

      Anonymous, 18 Jan 2022wow that ultrawide is tinySamsung JN1

        Waiting for the flash sale on AliExpress can't wait anymore 😙

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          • 8Kf
          • 18 Jan 2022

          Anonymous, 18 Jan 2022wow that ultrawide is tiny1/2.8"

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            • 18 Jan 2022

            wow that ultrawide is tiny