OnePlus Nord N20 to hit Europe in February, 10 Pro global launch scheduled for March

19 January 2022
A source claims the Nord CE 2 is also scheduled for February; other smart products also incoming in H1.

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  • Anonymous

R...Hunter, 19 Jan 2022We all know "Unified OS" = ColorOs 😁😁😁exactly

  • Diane johns

I would rather buy oppo reno 7 itself!
But I just saw the reno 8 design in recent leaks and it looks so stupid!

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 19 Jan 2022It's hard to recommend a Nord after all the battery in... morewhat incidents ?

  • Anonymous

Only loyal fans still using oneplus. Oneplus is just horrible right now. Whoever still buying oneplus I feel like they being manipulated. It was popular for selling flagship killers but now they're selling overpriced phones thet literally offer nothing special.

If it's really April before my Nord 2 receives Android 12, then it will be my last OP device. This is especially the case when the Nord 2 was released with the unified OS. So much for faster updates. In fact, it would make OP one of the slowest for such a recently released device.

Vonikhsat S Metra, 19 Jan 2022Who cars?the super cars.

  • Niloy

What a way to let down all the people who loved the brand and its devices. They definitely settled

  • Anonymous

It's hard to recommend a Nord after all the battery incidents in last few months

Who cars?

We all know "Unified OS" = ColorOs 😁😁😁

OnePlus 10 pro is disappointing...

one of them is a rebrand from Reno 7 SE