Huawei partners with Curve to enable contactless payments on its phones

19 January 2022
The announcement comes just in time for the upcoming global launch of the P50 Pro and P50 Pocket.

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Is this news from 2015?

NLB, 21 Jan 2022Great news. The only thing I miss is wireless payment with ... moreContact your bank and request compatibility of their app with the AppGallery. If they receive it from many customers they will consider it.

  • NLB

Great news. The only thing I miss is wireless payment with my bank app. I lucky can pay with my bankcard wireless so I bought for my huawei a wallet case and that works also great. Love the huawei mate 40 pro. Amazing camera in winter, rainy days and indoor.

I've been using a similar service for quite some time. Excellent progress. Kudos Huawei.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 20 Jan 2022This is very good news. Well done

  • Irfan H Amjad

Ready for in the world, Huawei exclusive future smartphones up coming, so ready to you?
Love you #Huawei

Since i never used my phone for payments by card for security reasons i am not interested,

  • Anonymous

This is very good news. Well done Huawei.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 19 Jan 2022USA fails to stop HuaweiWhere is Huawei? Nowhere

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 19 Jan 2022USA fails to stop HuaweiYou still think the USA is against Huawei's phone's??? Must be dark under that rock you live under.

"anti-embarrassment" lmao

  • Vlad

Pretty funny from Romanian perspective - "curve" means ... "ladies who practice old job" - so we go pay for curve with curve.

Anti-emberassment feature :D Curve PR department is working overnight on those name ideas :D

Well, NFC payments aren't anything new on my Honor 10 because my banking app (BBVA) has always used NFC via BBVA pay. No need to have access to Google Pay.

  • Anonymous

USA fails to stop Huawei

isn't that basically nfc ?

[deleted post]Wow! Thanks a lot. I had forgotten my Google account password and your virus kindly reminded me.

  • Anonymous

If Curve makes a smartwatch app to pay using your Huawei watch it would be great

  • .alpha

That "Go Back In Time" feature sounds great