Temporary buffer zones created around US airports in wake of 5G rollout in the C-Band

19 January 2022
The FAA and the airline industry was concerned that this new band would interfere with some instruments on many planes.

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  • hahihuheho
  • uK8
  • 24 Jan 2022

yeah it doesn't matter other countries already using 5g. But the problem is that 5G mobile company want to use is stronger twice than one used in another country. that's the point of this issue. i'm not saying it's risky, just might be

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    • okiejokeypokelokie
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    • 21 Jan 2022

    Anonymous, 20 Jan 2022It's all fake. The FAA want the Biden administration t... moreThe other country's using c-band have buffer zones around the airports for the most part.
    them pesky nuances of detail when left out are the base of propaganda.

      Wonder what they gonna do when a 6G or 7G or even 10G will come.

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        • Anonymous
        • Mkb
        • 20 Jan 2022

        It's all fake. The FAA want the Biden administration to provide funding for new equipment. There is no threat or risk. Just ask all of the countries that are using C-Band 5G.

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          • Bird Lover
          • YQS
          • 20 Jan 2022

          In my opinion, I could survive just fine without 5G if not forced to upgrade. This is a dangerous technolgy.

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            • walkman
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            • 19 Jan 2022

            Anonymous, 19 Jan 2022On the other hand, the airports can benefit of the 5G, bec... moreNot just the birds...

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              • 19 Jan 2022

              On the other hand, the airports can benefit of the 5G,
              because 5G is killing and clearing all birds, thus
              providing sure clean air for the jets.

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                • Chris Hepburn
                • Cx5
                • 19 Jan 2022

                Must be a harmonic for I.L.S although not idea what freq is wrong for VOR
                Those awful FBW things, could put a DC3 down on anything.
                However what is sad is 5G reminds me of ISDN it still does nothing.
                Sad marketing something that is pointless.
                Carriers do not even run 3G to spec but all the drivel re 5G is just sad a terrible indictment of the times we like in.
                The whole industry marketing to kids and the intellectually challenged.