Flashback: Android 4.4 KitKat optimized the OS for phones with just 512MB of RAM

23 January 2022
This sugary treat changed how Android works on the inside to improve the user experience on low RAM devices.

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gringo, 23 Jan 2022LOL dalvik-cache has never been replaced ... ART is just... moreWhere in this article did you see a mention of "dalvik-cache?"

Just asking. Don't get mad, please.

  • cyber

that only shows how android is degrading right now,current flagships have 8 gb ram and still somehow around 4gb ram is used just from system startup,as for low end devices they are inopereateble with the current state of android,slow and terrible,either google should set some requirements for the bare hardware and cut off some run of the mill brands,or optimise android so users can get passable experience on cheap phones

Back when anticipation for new Android releases was festive and feverish.

I would have loved to see Android evolve alongside Windows Mobile, BB10, and Maemo. I firmly believe those OSes would have dunked hard on Android and iOS if they had received more love.

Alas, developers start tapping out when they have to support more than 2/3 OSes at a time, regardless of device type. Make no mistake, I get the economics, but I think the worst OSes of the bunch won out because a number of out-of-touch suits couldn't see beyond their noses.

Nokia, BlackBerry, and Microsoft had it in them to build exceptional operating systems. We know that because the versions they had to put the lid on were memorable. I mean it's 2022, but the fluidity of Windows 10 Mobile and BB10 are still canon. Truly maddening, they pissed it all away. Especially, since the victors who shared the spoils of their demise are Google, who can't commit to making a reliable Wear or Tablet OS, and Apple, that deliberately cleaves software on $2K+ machines.

The best Android so far I waited, expected, got and used all the features.

Yeah in Nexus days, optimisation was a thing. Now, in Pixel days, and Samsung days, amount of RAM is the thing.

  • Anonymous

I still have a Kit kat 4.4.2 phone and works amazing. Android KitKat was the best for customisation

Desserts: things to eat
Deserts: things too hot

ThunderCrackR, 23 Jan 2022Back in the days when even phone OS commercials were fun..Yeah.... those were the good old days. I still remember the flappy bird easter egg from lollipop and marshmallow, probably the best easter egg of all Android versions.

Anonymous, 23 Jan 2022Excellent Recent Apps View for Android 4.x, unlike the curr... moreExactly! I have no idea what is wrong with UI developers of today. Why would they wanna go back to iOS 7-style recents.

The app switcher on kitkat, and the cascade-style recents from lollipop to oreo (which is still my favorite), was objectively soooo much better. I wish they could bring back cascade-style recents.

Kitkat was where it was at!

This was the version that initially got me into Android (I was an iPod Touch user before 2014). As much as I loved my iPod, the Nexus 5 was the first Android phone I really paid attention to. I was absolutely in love with the phone's design, and Android kitkat looked really clean. And then late-2014 I got my first Android device, the Galaxy Tab 3 8.0, which ran Kitkat, and that's when I completely converted to Android.

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How Convert To Android 12 Can?
TO stay old history!

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Android is getting RISCV port soon.

  • Alboooz

From my own personal view, i consider Android OS Mashmalow v.6.01 was the best of them all, wasn't it.

  • Anonymous

right always, 23 Jan 2022Imagine the Money Nestle Paid google for naming its OS Kit KatOtherwise...

  • Anonymous

Can I run it on an SD card slot?

Imagine the Money Nestle Paid google for naming its OS Kit Kat

  • Dhruv

It's the best smooth halo themed android

  • mick

In real life it wasn't optimizer not even for 2GB RAM

Love Nexus 5 with first ever KitKat android.. one of the best phone 2013, when will nexus back like this

With no apps opened on multitask pane, my OnePlus 9 Pro with 12 GB RAM is consuming 6 GB memory... Android hogs too much resources, it is not optimised at all.