Oppo Find X5 Pro poses for the camera with reflective back

22 January 2022
It's rumored to go official in late February.

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I really hope they improve the battery life. Battery life of Oppo flagships isn't impressive at all.

  • Anonymous

When is this model will be available in Bahrain and how much does it cost. I love this mobile. I'm an oppo subscriber

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 25 Jan 2022Yeah , so far tests on new snapdragon have shown it runs ve... moreRelax, just downclock/downvolt and have the needed chip.

There is never thermal issues with SoCs, what does exist is greedy manufacturers clocking the chip out of spec so that to appear faster than it really is which in turn is what causing it to throttle.

In actuality we are at that point of history that that last 10% of extra power doesn't matter and you're better of if "you" simply run the soc at 90% the speeds/volts. The user won't see a difference performance wise (SoCs far surpassed the needs of phones) , but they *will* see a difference thermally and in battery life.

I never understood the point of overheating SoCs. At this point it's what manufacturers choose by not undercoating/undercloking....

  • Anonymous

nanagdad, 23 Jan 2022The 4nm chip fabricator "Samsung" for the Snapdra... moreYeah , so far tests on new snapdragon have shown it runs very hot and throttles very quickly , one tester compared it to the old 810 .
It will be interesting to see how the new galaxy models with this chip handle it , especially as Samsung apparently is going to fit the snapdragon to more phones this year because of the stigma attached to the Exynos 😀.

  • imoreph

Unlike any other comments here, I like the glossy finish so badly, it shows the beauty of the camera curve. I don't mind about the smudge, I know it because I own find X3 pro. This year I think Oppo will get more market share with find X5 pro.

  • Jasss Singh

I got oppo x3 pro is the best phone I got ever fast and good camera

Hope for a matte finish design... Dark green or purple...
At this moment the best design is given to the OnePlus 10 Pro ! 🥰

And slab a phone case on it.

  • Sonu

Also the hasselblad camera.

  • Mr. Kroniks

Really don't understand why the smartphone manufacturers are so obsessed with glossy designs. It's neither beautiful, nor practical. Mate finish, as on Galaxy S21 Ultra, looks much more stylish and won't collect your smudges.

  • Anonymous

Best design of 2022

Anonymous, 23 Jan 2022I honestly don't understand why they made this asymmet... moreTrue said

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 23 Jan 2022I honestly don't understand why they made this asymmet... moreI think is just the reflection of the surrounding that's why it looks like this plus the quality of the picture is not the best overall i think it gonna be a great phone as it all been i have find x2 pro and it has been brilliant over the year I have had it and never have problem with it, my only concern is why they bring out find x5 when they haven't done x4 yet unless there is an mistake in article ha

How can one make a competitors Snapdragon chip more powerful than their own Exynos 😈

The 4nm chip fabricator "Samsung" for the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 ruins everything. I wish it was fabricated by TSMC. Hopefully TSMC fab for Dimensity 9000 will save the day for The vanilla Find X5. The last good chip by Qualcomm was Snapdragon 870 fabricated by TSMC, everything that Qualcomm has released after SD870 fabricated by Samsung foundries is sh#t. SD888, SD 8 Gen1 😟 probably a deliberate move to promote their Exynos

  • Anonymous

Disgusting freak.
Looks like molten plastic.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 23 Jan 2022I honestly don't understand why they made this asymmet... moreagreed, somehow the find x3 design is good...
this finish, though, reminds me of my z5 premium and xz premium...
i just fine the curve on camera bump appealing, but, again, if it was square...
horizontal arrangement with such curve looks good too, imo...

  • Anonymous

I honestly don't understand why they made this asymmetrical bent ugly mess. They could just make it rectangular instead of square like on Find X3 and keep the same sloping edges of the bump. But instead they melted it just on one corner and made this ugly mess.

  • Rakesh

When we saw a lump on the street dog, we understood this beautiful is. We inspire and make make. Ladies and gents, welcome new this oppo flaghipa very good

  • Chixby

George399, 23 Jan 2022Im pretty sure you don't even have tried the find x3 t... moreNo i don't but i have eyes bro😂