Apple's planned rules for third-party payments don't go far enough, says Dutch regulator

24 January 2022
And Apple needs to move faster in implementing the changes, so the Dutch authority is imposing a weekly fee.

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  • Adul Al Salami Kebab
  • gx$
  • 25 Jan 2022

Apple and Google should not be the duopolies they are, we need a more fair eco system where we have more options than Google and Apple! Look at China everyone makes their own app store since Google is banned. We also are stuck in the horrendous situation that is most if not all apps seems to require GMS to even function!!!

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    • AnonD-731363
    • SH3
    • 25 Jan 2022

    50 million for apple is same like when i toss 0,50 cents out of window.

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      • peeky-blt5
      • gLN
      • 25 Jan 2022

      Glad to see more country's standing up to the big corporation's

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        • Wojtek
        • 3Lr
        • 25 Jan 2022

        Go Dutch! this should be implemented around the globe (Korea is doing their part as well) and in all darn 'app stores' (Google, I'm looking at you)

          Cook : 50mil is nothing for me, so you guys just wait

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            • Anonymous
            • fC6
            • 25 Jan 2022

            Vikass17, 25 Jan 2022I don't see a problem with getting cut , but anything ... moreThe problem is they still want a cut when they have nothing to do with the processing of the payment even if it's 10%. They should just charge apps a fixed fee for a place in the app store.

              I don't see a problem with getting cut , but anything more than 10% is unacceptable. If they were reasonable from the start, they could save so much in fine and they could have a better image too.
              Although I don't think they care about their image in that area.

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                • Anonymous
                • Kxf
                • 25 Jan 2022

                Ahahahaahja RIP apple