The Pixel Watch said to arrive at the end of May

25 January 2022
This is probably the first time we have a set date.

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  • 26 Jan 2022

google has fitbit on it's posession and fitbit already started revising it's portfolio starting with smartbands luxe and charge. so,I would expect a new wearOS fitbit smart watch, versa sense successor. fitbit will also push limits for at least 4-5 days of battery life due to versa's 6 day battery life.

coming back to pixel watch. pixel products always have limited avaliability unlike fitbit. so,I don't expect it to bring a new breath to android smartwatch ecosystem. it will be like a samsung galaxy watch4 with google assistant.

    Fitbit is a decent watch with very good battery life.
    I had several smart watches and I came to the conclusion that I only need it to vibrate when I receive a message. I can't find any other use because their fitness tracking is relatively bad so far.

    Go with any smartwatch for the time being guys. At least the one with a good baterry life. They all do the same things.

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      • Chinnu
      • 7tS
      • 26 Jan 2022

      It's look good nd fantastic

        Looks like design 9/10, battery life 2/10.

          good looking, but there could be a lot of flaws considering this will be a first gen device...

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            • Anonymous
            • 3Xe
            • 25 Jan 2022

            From the looks of it , yet another smartwatch that you need to recharge every day....come on I must not the only one that think that a smartwatch should be able to at least go 48-72h between charges if needed.

              Looking at the track record of Google I expect the watch may be available for purchase in November this year

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                • fC6
                • 25 Jan 2022

                Those look good but I doubt they'll look that.