Realme Pad will get Android 12 after all, update time frame revealed

26 January 2022
Realme has also promised to offer three years of security updates.

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  • Anonymous

At least we got something to look forward to.. I only got this tablet for media consumption and the display and especially the audio delivers! Such a bang for the buck tablet!

  • AnonD-1034169

You mean they had their hand forced!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

A full year later, big woop.

FKorget them!

  • Ankit

Anonymous, 26 Jan 2022Plz don't be 12l because right now it have horrific bu... morewhile upgrading to any OS, once look if it's developer preview or Beta program.. it stats that bugs might be there.

get the OS from stable channel only

  • Anonymous

So, will it use Android 12L?

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

Plz don't be 12l because right now it have horrific bugs that will months to fix . Plzbe the reamle ui 3.0

Anonymous, 26 Jan 2022Cool either way. Happily made the purchase after news broke... moreThat's usually true particularly in case of devices that can't be unlocked and/or have no aftermarket development. However A12L seems to be a particularly important update as it could fix some of the longstanding issues plaguing large screen Android devices wherein the extra screen real estate is not put into good use unlike iPads.

  • Anonymous

Wow, 3 years of security updates. Are they expecting some sort of praise now? One would think that in year 2022, everyone would have at least same standard as Samsung, 3 years of major OS updates and 1 extra year of security updates only.

It's amazing how a backlash that threatens future sales can motivate a company to become reasonable. Still, it's scheduled to be released when Android 13 will be.

Also, security updates for years doesn't mean much, as we've seen with Samsung. Samsung's non-flagships receive monthly updates for a short time, then drop to quarterly, and then biannually. It's better than nothing, but two patches per year is pretty ordinary. My 9 year-old Netgear R7000 router received an update this month. I'm not saying phones should be supported that long, but 3 years of support with the majority being infrequent isn't amazing.

This gets android 12 but surface duo 2 gets 11 lol.

Shocking news: Realme realized people keep tablets for longer than smartphones, therefore they care more about software updates in the long run 😲

  • Anonymous

Cool either way. Happily made the purchase after news broke of no further update. I keep my devices to the base version of the OS that they ship with and I find that to be the most stable. I avoid any irreversible issue that updates can and almost always cause when the device itself comes with no issue. If Android 12 is needed down the line with devs no longer supporting Android 11 someday, which is at atleast 7-8 years away, then we'll see. Purchasing a newer pad by that point is better. Same goes for phones after 4-5 years of usage.

How confusing now is, that's why I don't prioritize software updates if I buy a phone, they can say anything but facts can change.