OnePlus Buds Z2 vs Nothing ear (1)

29 January 2022

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  • XjH
  • 21 Jul 2022

Which one is better, oneplus buds z2 or Oppo enco air 2 pro

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    • Anonymous
    • dNx
    • 01 Jul 2022

    Extremely biased against the Ear !1).
    I have both and the Ear (1) sounds, performs and looks better in every aspect.

      Sir, plz tell me which company,model bud is good or best for noise cancelation.
      I want to listen videos in shop without disturbing so i want noise canceling good.

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        • Kailash
        • YQ@
        • 03 Feb 2022

        Sir plz tell me which buds , model ,company, is best for noise canceling.

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          • Facts
          • XQ$
          • 31 Jan 2022

          Nothing ear 1 is way better then these buds for sure even from that which cost 10k No Bud can beat these beasts Under the 10k price segment for sure

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            • I26
            • 31 Jan 2022

            AnonD-1030581, 30 Jan 2022These will eat airpods pro for breakfastI'd love to have what you're having.

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              • Lxf
              • 31 Jan 2022

              Battle of the second-rates.

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                • xq5
                • 30 Jan 2022

                Anonymous, 29 Jan 2022Jabra is not seriousReally? Jabra Elite 85t is much better than many earbuds.

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                  • Harun
                  • XPF
                  • 30 Jan 2022

                  Anonymous, 30 Jan 2022Companies need to stop using silicone eartips and just go w... moreAbsolutely.

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                    • AnonD-1030581
                    • nDy
                    • 30 Jan 2022

                    These will eat airpods pro for breakfast

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                      • Kg@
                      • 30 Jan 2022

                      Companies need to stop using silicone eartips and just go with the airpod(non pros) in-ear design. While yes silicone eartips blocks outside noise better, this just makes any sound that hits your earphone louder and less natural. This is me coming from having cheap airpod copies which I upgraded to better earphones.

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                        • gringo
                        • rXJ
                        • 30 Jan 2022

                        a bluetooth headphone without aptx = scam

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                          • Vipin kumar
                          • 7kk
                          • 30 Jan 2022

                          I need to your Bluetooth

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                            • PZs
                            • 30 Jan 2022

                            subjectively, i never like bbk products, although vivo is the first smartphone crowned as audiophile grade with 32bit dac, and i still prefer 3.5mm jack

                   has praised
                            - samsung buds plus
                            - bose
                            i have tried oppo enco x that is advertised in collaboration with dynaudio, subjectively, i prefer bose for more accurate audio reproduction, although i am torn because of the long audiophile grade brand of dynaudio, i guess, dynaudio excel on speaker

                              Here we go again...sort of...

                              OnePlus, a so called "startup" (owned by BBK, which also has Oppo) has a new phone called the OnePlus One (which looks exactly like Oppo's Find 7 but with a "less expensive build" along with a few missing features). With each new OnePlus phone, the price increased to the point they are not a flagship killer, but the flagship (in price).
                              Wouldn't surprise me if the Nothing Ear buds are also made by Oppo, which also makes the OnePlus Buds.

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                                • Gauri
                                • Dkp
                                • 30 Jan 2022

                                these companies are just milking their brand name by charging 100 dollars for a 40 dollar product... Please avoid both as many other branded tws with ldac or aptx codec, multipoint tech under 50 dollars are already available at online sales!

                                  Hello Prasasd, please lose ' and that too' thanks

                                    Have you ever tried one?

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                                      • Anonymous
                                      • nEn
                                      • 30 Jan 2022

                                      evilboy, 29 Jan 2022i see only sbc and aac Bluetooth codecs so i am not buying ... moreHaha, of all Samsung. The Samsung codecs are only supported by Samsung where the others are universal ones which you can use with any. + The hot swap multipoint functionality in z2 very handy.

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                                        • 3SI
                                        • 29 Jan 2022

                                        Anonymous, 29 Jan 2022Buy serious earbuds like Sennheiser Bose Sony Jabra Samsung... moreJabra is not serious