More Motorola ZN5 camera samples, looking good

16 June, 2008
An anonymous tipster sent us some new Motorola ZN5 camera samples. The ZN5 is equipped with a 5 megapixel autofocus camera, which is co-branded by Kodak...

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  • olie

told you it was good camera, really good...

  • Yups

Andrew, 16 Jun 2008"An anonymous tipster sent us ..." a fake photos. Why do you thi... moreExif information proves it.

  • Andrew

"An anonymous tipster sent us ..." a fake photos. Why do you think these pics are taken with ZN5 or prototype of it?

  • Yups

dmatt, 16 Jun 2008Woah thanks for the links ... now that's what I call good use of... moreWhat links do you mean?

  • dmatt

Woah thanks for the links ... now that's what I call good use of a cameraphone :-D

Back to the moto, there's still no official info but they better hurry, people get easily lured around with numbers and once the 8 megapixel SE gets out, there goes a percentage of not so knowing users.

The UI inside this one is very very good actually , MotoMagX when properly used is even amusing to use, organized and good looking.

  • djhilton71

Any news on when it's going to be officially announced?

  • Anonymous

now they look much better.

  • Anonymous

man look at us at war with each other....GSMarena are right when they say don't be harsh i mean look at the comments section on like all the highend phones.....N95, K850i, iphone 3g, N82, N95 8GB......everywhere man....the same keep bashing on other people....its like a war man....what happens if we take this the world war was caused by germany, will war of the phones be caused by gangs.....groove street....mafia....leone....we are the young generation that means we are the future....what someday will the world be divided into Nokia...SE....Moto...Samsung...different territories and all.....whats gonna happen man.....we gotta stop worring about alien attacks and global worming....this is far greater than anything.......i have a solution.....the answer to all of lifes questions is the beauty in one of the sample pictures of the HTC Touch i would buy any brand for her.......

  • dmatt

Incredible samples ... specially the apples !
Can't wait for it... sleek and stylish with the 5 megapixel is a good combo.

  • Anonymous

hahaha, are you talking about me.....the HTC Touch Diamond Samples pictures guy.......hahaha, man she is beautiful... :)!!! (",)...

  • nix

Oh this naughty anonymous guy ;)

Great samples! Just great! It means the end version is going to be just perfect for a camera phone.

Moto rocks!

  • Anonymous

Very good pictures! Bravo, Moto! I don't need 3G, so this phone is a good choice for me. But how long we will waiting for it?

  • nat

mr.president, 16 Jun 2008FIRST :D...the image is good focused but the rest of the image is poorout of focus? have you ever heard of the term macro/micro photography? that's the very purpose of it...focus the subject and blur the rest! are those photos landscape or macro? think again before you make that kind of comment because that just make you ignorant about photography.

  • Anonymous

Not bad at all! Will compete with the N82!

  • Anonymous

Very good quality camera!

  • Anonymous

wow, theirs alot to you GSMarena guys than what meets the eye, nice editing guys the pics look you guys are living the life...all the newest phones....really beautiful girlfriends...i'm sorry but man that girl in the Touch Diamond sample she's never gonna leave my mind but anyway the ZN5 seems great for moto fans, i mean your a motofan than its obvious you don care about 3rd party apps or powerpacked this is good for them........later guys.....keep doing your thing GSMarena.......

  • Anonymous

show me a phone that takes better quality photos and i'll show you a digital camera. all the best to motorola's survival, we need a competitive market place for better products like this.

  • Cesar

A steady improvement over the first samples. Definitely they tuned the camera module.

  • Anonymous

are this photos taken in rawa mode?
cause color depth seems good

  • eNVy

After editing, those pics look really nice, this looks promising for Motorola, but for some reason I have never had the desire to buy a Motorola cell phone. They are a step behind almost the rest, and their phones look cheap and something for kids.