New Sony Ericsson handsets are out, C905 unveiled

17 June, 2008
Sony Ericsson announced a handful of handsets today with the 8 megapixel Sony Ericsson C905 leading the pack. The Wii-like gaming centric F305 follows along...

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  • Snooky

I purchased the 905 - had it a week and sent it back. Construction poor, like a cheap Chinese knockoff - very sharp edges in some places! Checked the same phone in both east and west coasts, construction the same. Poor design for the camera closure. Some good points and apps but needs reworking.

  • Mar

This is hooottt! I want it. But it takes so friggen long for stuff to come to Canada. I loved my K790 and I want to dump my K850i so bad...too much freezing and slowness that I actually want to throw it off from a high window. I must get this before I give into getting a blackberry LoL

  • ashu

when in canada? i m dieing here ,being se hardcore fan i m following it and watching it since august or sept last year , i need it now ,icant just see it now . come on in canada plsssssssss.

  • Chris

Hi I going to Thailand and thinking of purchasing this phone in Bangkok, can anyone suggest where to buy it?

I was told to go to MBK mall and to watch out for fakes.

Are there fake models of this phone out already?

how much would this phone cost in Thai dollars?

  • Anonymous

When is the release date for this in England?? anyone?

  • Cyberarty

I've read alot of posts on the c905 and other competitive phones. The same arguments arise in the other phones as well but just on other functionality (battery power, screen res, video quality, camera quality, xenon flash etc). Alot of people will tell you to just buy a digital camera, or GPS or what ever extra device. But at the end of the day you don't want to carry 5 devices with you. We need a device that can do everything, GPS, Camera, Video, Calling, Surfing the web etc etc...because that is just the way technology is going. And looks like a device that scores well on all those areas does not exist yet! Mainly because of size. Maybe in the next 3 years or so we will get a device that performs well on all those areas. In the meantime the c905 is a pretty good compromise. I will definitely consider buying it!

  • Jedii

C905 camwise is fantastic but i await the day we will see a highearned SE with the PSP trademark 4 serious gamers, touchscreen smartfone, middleclass cam. and mp3 capabilities. I know it is possible.

  • siauling

erm....hi~~i am 19...i am so interest in hp very much..
i hv been usin N95 n k850...both of this phone was so cool but compare camera i ll prefer sony ericsson cam phone...
even k800i also not bad..i like these pgones very much...
i was so surprise to see this phone (C905) was so interset..but compare to N96 i am so wondering which should i buy if hv to choose one only??thank you for replying ya..

  • s18

Anonymous, 23 Jun 2008yp i am 14 years old but ok you know these things are only to ma... morei am s18 i just forgot to write it sr guys:P

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 22 Jun 2008yea you have a point, i mean comeon most of us here are between ... moreyp i am 14 years old but ok you know these things are only to make us happy for some days and that's all, also i would say that a cam on a mob isn't a bad idea but you can never replace the digital camera and that is why i would not recoment any one who doesn't have one to go and buy this mob because they would think that it will do the work of the camera too because in the end of the day he or she would be jealous of his or her friend's camera and he/she will buy one anyway

  • Waqas

What in the name of is this ,people cannot afford 5 mega pixel and you are making 8 mega pixel,let me clear all of these guys are just music lovers and dont use the camera much

well im 17 and i have I MATE and Nokia N73ME but what i say is I MATE is better cuz my brother always has my mobile in his hands and he has a K800i

  • Anonymous

im 28 and i do show my fones/technology to the older generation at work, they love it. but i use my camera/phone all the time. i use it to take pics of nearly every event i go2. its great coz i babysit my friends daughter and they dont have a digital camera at all, so my k850 has been great so far, i have just uploaded 256mb of photos for her. if u check out the 1st review of this phone by gsm arena u will see pics of the c905 cut down to 1024x768, they look freakin awesome
so as u can see by my comments the 8mp will be great for me, im also a driver for my work so gps will be a bonus on areas where the maps dont go for me. and wifi also as there a numerous hotspots in my country so i wont have to use gprs for the internet/emails. that i always use while im out and about. i buy and sell on ebay quite alot so im always checkin emails and internet on my fone. so again c905 will do all this. ohh and while im at work i listen to music on my fone, ohh thats rite its an mp3 player aswell. and i also use my alarm system, sony has such a great alarm that it can wake me up 4 days in a row at the same time then on the 5th day ive changed it, so all these features will be in the c905 then i guess its goin to be a great fone for me.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 21 Jun 2008dual slide, who cares, it would end up snapping in my pocket ... morewho cares wif the 8 megapixel if the picture is damn BAD!!!

  • Anonymous

yea you have a point, i mean comeon most of us here are between 16-22 anyway, i'm 17....and yea i agree that when we buy phones like N95, K800I, N95 8GB, N82, W960i we do show off man....but most of us actaully do use the features, like ever sence i got my N95 8GB i've been so happy with the pics my friends and me take at school even though i had the N73 it was great but N95 is better so it kinda works but man if 5mp is around 500kb, 8mp....?? 800kb...

you know lets do a the end of your comment state your age ...i bet most of us here are teenagers....

i'm 17.....N95 8GB....

  • s18

i've never said that you don't have to have a good cam but my point was that 8mp was tooo much dudes and that tou can never use that as a camera i think these things are only to show your mades that you are than them

  • critique 101

I love my N82 but it's a brick..I'd quite hapilly sacrifice the built in GPS if they could shave off some of its thickness..

  • Critique 101

I would also like to see a manufacturer create a phone that is able to give IMMEADIATE access to the camera and msic player...that delay has cost me so many great photgraphic moment..

  • Critique 101

I love SE's but they really have fallen behind...seeing an even more powerfull camera is no consolation when what many of us are really after from the is a solid, intuative and reliable smartphone..

In the end I got so sick of not being able to type directly into a web page that I turned to Nokia!

My N82 is a great phone..reliable and snappy unlike all previous n-series phones but I sooooo miss having an SE..why can't they start giving people what they really want again...

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 20 Jun 2008Nokia needs to be faster product development...they are always t... morenokia is the leader by far

  • Shino03

S18, 21 Jun 2008too much for a mob, I am shure that most of the people that will... moreSo that's what you think...
Let me ask you a question.
"Do you carry or bring your camera 24 hours?"
Haha, don't make me laugh that all the time you can bring it.