Realme 9 Pro+ will feature heart rate monitoring, AMOLED screen confirmed

01 February 2022
The company previously confirmed it will be powered by the Dimensity 920 SoC.

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  • u1y
  • 09 Feb 2022

Let the phone be released, then think about ban

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    • No-one
    • U{0
    • 05 Feb 2022

    Kvrr, 03 Feb 2022Need to ban this type of phones Hahaa

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      • yalim
      • JhK
      • 03 Feb 2022

      heartrate and SPO2 sensors were used by samsung between 2014-2019.this tech was already moved to wearables.

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        • Kvrr
        • rKp
        • 03 Feb 2022

        Need to ban this type of phones

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          • Kg}
          • 03 Feb 2022

          a simple smart phone can monitor heart sensor,i don't think so,it just an ordinary phone,its useless true to speak!

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            • flashingash
            • Hkr
            • 02 Feb 2022

            stupid world of advertisement. ceap sells!! why sound it big when the feature canot be used. start making a real bp monitor instead. and again overhyped d920, surely these budget fones are now moving to lower premium bracket... would be expensive!!

              Why? It's not 2013 anymore.

                AnonD-1033007, 01 Feb 2022Bruh, how accurate was that technology? Not everyone were u... moreI'm neither a Samsung or realme fan, but you are right.
                This is useless on a smartphone and inaccurate. Who is going to trust this if they are feeling heart pain?
                Dumb people. That's who.

                  Who is really going to trust his phone with monitoring his heart rate? Serious question here

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                    • JustSomeRandomGuy
                    • EwD
                    • 02 Feb 2022

                    back in the day when I have using my Galaxy Note 5, used that feature for quite a while mostly for fun. I wouldn't call it a gimmick but I I don't think anyone would go gaga over such feature and make it a deciding feature in buying a phone

                      I think we need an interview with him about this feature...

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                        • U%{
                        • 01 Feb 2022

                        I bet, it is going to cost more than 350$(more than ₹25000 )

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                          • VaruLV
                          • I2c
                          • 01 Feb 2022

                          Ive had two phones with HRM, quite useless as a feature given how slow and awkward it was to get a reading(S5 Neo and S8). Modern smartwatch should be much better at that if one is so interested in these stats.

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                            • 3Rs
                            • 01 Feb 2022

                            Useful ... bravo realme oppo

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                              • Ksd
                              • 01 Feb 2022

                              Anonymous, 01 Feb 2022Heart rate sensor on a phone is a meaningless gimmickI don't think they area a gimmick i mean the one on my S8 worked fine(of course is slower) compared to a normal oximeter when i used it. same values (checked with some relatives that had covid at the time so lower SpO2 or different to normal heart rate at rest).

                                At least this 9 pro + is a decent device not the garbage of redmi note 11 pro, good job Realme 👍👍🙏

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                                  • tZ0
                                  • 01 Feb 2022

                                  Anonymous, 01 Feb 2022Well, I will switch from Scamsung to Realme. Unbelivable th... moreEven heart rate monitoring on the best smartwatches is not accurate enough to be taken as medical reference. If that feature is so important to you, I suggest you get a dedicated heart rate monitoring device instead of relying on a phone.

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                                    • Guru
                                    • DkI
                                    • 01 Feb 2022

                                    I'll pass.. meaning less gimmick.

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                                      • AnonD-834088
                                      • iLV
                                      • 01 Feb 2022

                                      seriously,just go doctors,get checked over thourouly,nurse doctor or what ever,👈😱

                                        r31ya, 01 Feb 2022"shows the smartphone will use its in-display fingerpr... moreMaybe you can play it like a game. Lets count my beats. XD