Watch the global unveiling of Realme 9 series live here

16 February 2022
We expect to see Realme 9 Pro and Realme 9 Pro+, as well as Realme Buds Air 3.

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  • 16 Feb 2022

Dan G., 16 Feb 2022Incredible :) No SD Card Slot on the 9 Pro+?! On a phon... moreVery well said with your observations

    Incredible :) No SD Card Slot on the 9 Pro+?!

    On a phone targeting amateur photographers ?! What a joke :))))

    How hard is it to get an SD Card Slot, an Audio Jack, OLED screen and 5G on a phone ?!

    Unbelievable .... Since the Realme 6 series, we were unable to buy ANY Realme phone, because their best models always come with no SD Card slot.

    Xiaomi seems to be the better choice, despite the much more modest camera setup.

    P.S. What's the point of not including a 5000 mAh battery ?! Who actually cares about the 0.9 millimeter reduction in thickness ?! :))))

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      • 16 Feb 2022

      Pumpino, 16 Feb 2022I once watched a Realme unveiling. It was painful. They man... moreThe same can be said of Oneplus. I watched the 9 and 9 Pro launch live and they spent more than half of the 75 minutes time hyping up the Hasselblad partnership.

        yawn ?

          [deleted post]I once watched a Realme unveiling. It was painful. They managed to talk up a phone for 30+ minutes before revealing its specs. I can only imagine the horror of them unveiling two phones. I'll just wait a few hours for GSMA's article.

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            • 16 Feb 2022

            No SD card for the "9 Pro +(Plus)" is a serious disappointment 😒...

            Giving Sd card on 9 Pro but not on 9 Pro+ clearly shows it was done intentionally.. Even OnePlus Nord CE 2 will have sd card.

            9 pro + would have been perfect midranger phone in all aspects if it included sd card support at least as hybrid slots if 3 slots (2sim + microSD) was not possible.