Motorola Motozine ZN5 is out, this time it's official

23 June, 2008
Well, the Motorola ZN5 is finally official - the 5 megapixel handset, which is co-branded by Kodak, offers some original camera- phone features that are bound...

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  • rehamer

welcome, the KING.
You know how mobile review bashes phones when they dont like. god, look how they praise this king. I am so glad that moto is back.

  • Anonymous

Go Moto ... Go! ... great device.

  • abubasim

The ZN5 is NOT the first camera phone with two aperture sizes. The i-mobile 902 had it already in 2006! The 902 is still the only TRUE camera phone on the market - two years after it was introduced.

  • abdul

check out this....a short video with ZN5:

  • mobilebulgaria com

according motorola video is "Video-C/P 15fps, MPEG4, H263"

  • Waqas

Hello Guys,
I was just looking at the page and found it a better new Motorola,great job Motorola looks like they are really trying hard to enter the huge market but i think you can not win the hearts by just one mobile phone and its also so late,i thinkthey should release mid-range mobile phones like 3.2mega pixel phone and 2 mega phones



  • MOBILux

I hope they manage to get it into stores before Christmas... Moto's dead, no way they can challenge the lights of Nokia, Samsung or SE.

  • John

Does anybody know what the video quality is?

  • Anonymous

man why did't they place the 3.5mm jack at the top....when joking with mp3 it get messed up when its on the side......but rest is pretty cool, look nice hope the quality is really what their making us believe..........

  • Dani

Hmmmmmm i think Motorola has done a Job Done Here..

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]Expect a violent reaction from nokia fanatics. You'll see. LOL!

  • Anonymous

Motorola is now keeping up with the competion. Very good MOTO.

  • Alfaro

Nice. But Motorola is always one step behind. Now it's starting the 8mpx battle, and SE, as usual, always on first.

  • Anonymous

about time moto before higher than a 2mpx

  • Asmodean

This phone has a better pic quality than n82
Read the mobile review review and smape.
welcome to the new king

  • Grant

Plz gsmarena can u hav a 5megapixel shoot out between da ZN5 an da N82

  • Coy