ZTE Grand S is now official, packs a 5" 1080p screen in a 6.9mm shell

09 January, 2013
According to its manufacturer the 5" smartphone is the thinnest in its class.

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  • Arun

I want this one . Where can I get it in India

  • Anonymous

Battery is don't very big Problem. Zte Grand S Amazing

  • thecalmcritic

"1,780mAh battery" **facepalm!**

This is why I don't care if superphones are THICK and HEAVY.

  • AnonD-81610

OK, it's official now.
This years phones have better specs than my old PC!
Better screen resolution, more RAM, faster CPU, I could be wrong but I have a GeForce GT210 GPU, and that Adreno 320 could be faster! :/

  • Anonymous

No more virtual buttons to trash useful 5'' 440 ppi space, ftw!

  • Anonymous

i see an iphone has growin' up.. hmmm

  • Nobody

I thought this could be the best of the new 5" and with good price cause its ZTE. but tell me why small battery? Stupid Apple
and all who following them. I really don't need a super thin phone. I would rather a removable and big battery. but anyway i'm interested in this phone. hope you'll do a battery test.

  • You are clowns

So you think that it will last a few hours, while htc droid dna with 240 mah more lasts realy good? If so, the DNA lasts 3x times longer than the grand s

  • ts

spec's look good only the bettery life a let down......expected frm a phone the thin tho......mad props 2 ZTE for producing such a ayt phone....

  • Anonymous

the specs look good, but i wish they would've made it with a user replaceble battery, that would have made a difference

  • madTuRk

nice specs except the battery gives me worries its not gonna last in a s4 pro 1.7Ghz device

  • Ric

Apple set the standard with non-removable batteries.. all others seeing that it cause some anger but not enough to cut demand.. now following.. most several makers now make phones with non-removable batteries.

Dnx, 10 Jan 2013HTC is not Chinese... get your facts right... next thing you kno... moreMan, you just don't have a clue that I know that..
And I myself am Chinese guy.
You teach fish to swim ya? Funny guy :)
We all Chinese have the same characteristics, that why I put htc on the list..
Infact I'm specifically targeting them for insisting that customers want thin phone over juice.
Well they need to hire the professional surveyor, or better ask help from Gsm arena team to do just that. They'll know I've been htc user since Hero, phone of the year 2010, when not many people know about android, I started from cupcake! :)

  • AnonD-96781

Because when i see the phone i want it too :( to bad europe loose good phones everytime...

  • mortuus

lol what a joke.. not even 2000mah battery and its not removable??? wtf... whats the point having a 5inch mobile with full hd screen when its gonna last a couple of hours at most.. this better be a cheap phone otherwise nobody wants it.

  • Dnx

Rafe Firmani, 09 Jan 2013I would trade 2mm thicker if by then they can increase the juice... moreHTC is not Chinese... get your facts right... next thing you know Sony, Samsung or Acer are, no? Let me spell it for you> Asia is the continent, home of numerous countries including China( home of ZTE and Huawei) Japan(Sony) and Taiwan(HTC, Acer), South Korea(home of Samsung)

  • AnonD-55425

AnonD-99068, 10 Jan 2013omg. that battery wont last half day with full brightness. Half a day? That would be a miracle if this sh!t lasted that long.

My SGS2 with its small screen and the extended 2000mAh battery can't even last 4 hours when heavily used with everything ON including hotspot.

  • Anon

droider , 09 Jan 20131.7 quad and a 5" with this small battery how long will t... moreProbably about 4 hours, 2 if it has 4G LTE

  • Anonymous

Motorola RAZR HD has 3300mAh and 8.4 mm. This is much usable like half capacity of battery and 1.5mm fat design.

  • hishaam

I wouldn't mind having a phone with 11mm thickness,but please put something like 3000mAh.