Realme CEO, Madhav Sheth, reveals GT Neo3, UDC phone are coming in H2 2022

01 March 2022
Realme is also developing a foldable phone.

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A foldable phone from Realme, how interesting. I wonder how affordable can it be...

    Diegofnc, 01 Mar 2022Most people like to post portraits on social media and gues... moreExactly you need a decent telephoto for good portraits or atleast high quality zoom cause no one like distorted face portraits

      Microscope camera is a niche which is only cool when you first use it but after sometime I'm sure not many will use it
      As for telephoto I agree that today's main camera and camera processing are so good that they offer result similar to a real telephoto but problem is telephoto is most used for portrait and not many have looseless zoom in portrait mode, aside from flagship only Huawei mid range (with Kirin 810 and above) can do high quality zoom in portrait modes
      To fully replace telephoto in mid range IMO brands should provide high quality zoom atleast 2x in portrait mode too

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        • 02 Mar 2022

        You should produce your products to focus on what it is strong. Not just change name and design.

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          • 02 Mar 2022

          Anonymous, 02 Mar 2022Most discounted phone during sales season in India, basical... moreWhat do u mean? Even iPhones are heavily discounted during festivals.

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            • 02 Mar 2022

            IpsDisplay, 01 Mar 2022Madhav stop lying .. more folks would want telephoto over m... moreMost discounted phone during sales season in India, basically the worth is very less but they hype it and try to fool the prospect customer depicting that the user is getting great phone at dirt cheap price, which is not true, any phone from realme is not worth over 8000 indian rupees, please don't buy realme phones - they are full of bloatwares (61 in numbers) and steal personal user data

              Apparently innovation in smartphone is being able to charge your phone 2 minutes faster with a 150W charger.

                Most people like to post portraits on social media and guess what camera is the best to do it? Telephoto. It's a shame certain brands can't understand this. This is why Samsung, Huawei and Iphone have always been dominating the photography segment when it comes to portrait photography.

                  Who the hell would prefer any other gimmick camera over telephoto? I like where Realme places itself now and the road it has taken but hopefully will not fall on the side where many other promising producers fell. Keep it simple and of course, release the products world wide sooner than next year.

                    Madhav stop lying .. more folks would want telephoto over microscope

                      Please bring out the gaming edition Realme... You better do that!!! A lot of people very interested in the gaming edition. Especially me.