Realme Narzo 50A Prime is coming on March 22, design and key specs revealed

11 March 2022
It packs a notched display and has flat frames.

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  • Yo mamma
  • t7W
  • 22 Mar 2022

Promoted, 18 Mar 2022Not quite possible(im not sure), but its interesting if it ... moreRealme is realesed same design this year

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    • Promoted
    • xCD
    • 18 Mar 2022

    S, 13 Mar 2022This is 5g..? Not quite possible(im not sure), but its interesting if it does. It have the price ₱7900, so cheap to have 5g, but It'll destroy the cheap phones lists if it does. The major upgrade I have in mind is amoled screen, the design reminds me of xiaomi redmi note 11 it have amoled screen.

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      • 7kg
      • 13 Mar 2022

      This is 5g..?

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        • Anonymous
        • tZk
        • 13 Mar 2022

        i think realme should design a mobile phone specially for camera with many storage choice.This model will get buy by the people who didnt play game but love to take photos.

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          • Lakshya
          • 56F
          • 13 Mar 2022

          I already have realme narzo 50A... 😎

            Kontoloyo, 11 Mar 2022Another 50mp jn1+2+2 mp. The spec basically just realme nar... moreHahaha

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              • Hatenba
              • tx0
              • 11 Mar 2022

              Wtf with the hype, realme this just rebrand from realme c35, realme think we are stupid doesnt it?

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                • Kontoloyo
                • tx0
                • 11 Mar 2022

                Another 50mp jn1+2+2 mp. The spec basically just realme narzo 50a but with 1080p from 720p.

                  When will this 2 mp scam ends?

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                    • Anonymous 2.0
                    • YQD
                    • 11 Mar 2022

                    Chinese companies need to chill!
                    I've never seen a day from last July when a realme phone is not announced/launched/teased!

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                      • Finn
                      • Hx4
                      • 11 Mar 2022

                      Realmi Narzo 50A Prime+ Ultra Pro 5G

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                        • Anonymous
                        • rJY
                        • 11 Mar 2022

                        Pumpino, 11 Mar 2022Another day, another three Realme phones announced...hahahahahahhaha
                        that is strangely very true, these guys will only change chipset and/or increase/decrease one camera, and other stupid things and will then proudly launch a new phone, realme is solely responsible for adding e-waste to the environment for their profit making

                          Another day, another three Realme phones announced...