Leaked BlackBerry 10 training materials show its best features

16 January, 2013
The camera will feature Scalado-like features and there will be 70,000 apps at launch.

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  • Anonymous

AnonD-2735, 22 Jan 2013I say RIM will lose its customers since they concentrate the pub... moreThey are coming out with the one that has a qwerty keyboard so no.....they will not lose anything.

  • AnonD-2735

I say RIM will lose its customers since they concentrate the publicity on non-keyboard touchscreen phones ..
If I were them, I would make a phone with a big screen like samsung notes, but with a physical keyboard at the bottom (smaller than note but with keyboard)..so that i -myself as a company- make improvement than previous designs..AND at the same time join the bigger screen market..WITHOUT losing my trademark physical keyboard and be RIM! just like i was before..
U see, me, as a customer, all that makes me be a BB user is the non-touch physical kb, without that..all smart phone brands are the same to me..sadly.. :(

  • Prad

can someone send me the ppt since this is already removed...

  • ram.nani

V v v v good functions . Much faster than i phone 5 . dual function like personal and work .. i love it . Bb 10 ..... Is 10/10 .

  • Petruccio

Guyz, does someone have that PP presentation, because it's already been deleted? I anyone has it, please make a forward to "petrucio1990@gmail.com"
Thanks in advance!

  • truthman

Saw the training today. The guy who leaked that PowerPoint has been fired already. Hope it was worth it. Hands on device today....was okay. Looked a bit like the xperia U and the ui is a mix of android crossed with apple. Incredible keyboard tho

  • Ramesh

Whatever................. just cant wait to get hands on this master piece..

  • Anonymous

AnonD-77351, 17 Jan 2013"My BlackBerry has no gamezzz and appzzz", they will say.Why will they say that when this is teamed up with droid?

  • AnonD-77351

Anonymous, 17 Jan 2013Why not just get a Nokia N9, this BB10 OS seems to have a copy o... moreN9 is an overpriced phone and not having it in the US is not a bad thing.

  • AnonD-77351

"My BlackBerry has no gamezzz and appzzz", they will say.

  • Xperiaman

I Will Miss Qwerty Keypad

  • AnonD-97922

Link to powerpoint deleted please reupload

  • Z10

This has a same browser system(html5) with iphone.When I try to get benchmark points from web benchmark websites with my PlayBook,it says your browser is safari,also the main menu system is same with iphone,so we can assume 1800 mah can be so enough for 10 hours.But still we have to wait for test results.

  • Anonymous

Why not just get a Nokia N9, this BB10 OS seems to have a copy of the Meego OS, I mean just look at how Nokia sold out their patents: http://www.theglobeandmail.com/report-on-busines­s/international-business/rim-nokia-settle-patent­-dispute/article6625529/

The sad part is that since the N9 was not sold through carriers here in North America no one cares that this is basically an N9 copy

  • AnonD-94281

Too bad the battery is only 1800mAH. 0ver 4" touch screen means it is good enough for browsing + video, but with 1800mAh? Surely not enough juice...

  • AnonD-80889

your PowerPoint presentation File Is Removed :(

  • iCh4N

Actually, RIM's company used qwerty keypads handset phones. Now they're turning into new point. With regard with the OS it was unique though is it efficient to use or user friendly UI.

  • Anonymous

Hope RIM finaly get the 3G radio bands right so we can slot any carrier SIM into a handset sourced from any carrier - just as Apple and Nokia have been for a few years now.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-37373, 17 Jan 2013How can v say thers anything good, its kinda thing.. I mean as i... moreThis phone is 4.2 inch supposedly..

Can you find a phone that has more then 1800 mah? other then motorola?.. none.. not even samdung..

  • AnonD-37373

How can v say thers anything good, its kinda thing.. I mean as it seems..Ther r 100s of chances tht 1800 wudnt b able to handle this thing for even daytim.. . Even wsnt so good in past. . Why cant this manufacturars, dnt understand this simple thing tht peoplr wnt to carry just a smartphone.. not the charger along with tht