Samsung Galaxy Note20 series now receiving One UI 4.1

18 March 2022
All the cool new features that the Galaxy S22 series have are now hitting the latest Note phones.

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  • Kg@
  • 12 Apr 2022

Exynos is a meme, 18 Mar 2022samsung better launch note 22 lite with snapdragon and head... moreThe Note series is dead

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    • yalim
    • T4}
    • 18 Mar 2022

    even 2019's s10 received android12. there is no competition with samsung's software support in android realm. good work!

      the new update is so damn laggy seriously my 120hz feels 30hz and when we will get Google News on the left side on Home Screen, S21Fe have it all the new Models have it, even after updating to 4.0 why are they still pushing SAMSUNG FREE

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        • Exynos is a meme
        • 7kj
        • 18 Mar 2022

        samsung better launch note 22 lite with snapdragon and headphone jack this year

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          • Rly
          • mbW
          • 18 Mar 2022

          Lets pray for it now will be stable... Finally 🙏🏻