Nvidia launches GeForce RTX 3090 Ti for $1999

29 March 2022
Overpriced and unnecessary.

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  • 3ag
  • 21 Sep 2022

Great monster GPU
A extreme GPU like this in a ideal would
should be future proof with out standing longevity

game developers nope not good enough
shocking cyberpunk 2077 will struggle too even reach 60fps
on a $1999 luxury gpu for the rich

All Games should be made playable at the res and hz of the monitors of today
4k 120hz monitor 120fps at least
1080p 480hz monitor 480fps at least

Even the rtx 4090ti won't be able too run threes monitors
game developers should not make games so heavy in first place

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    • S3c
    • 01 Apr 2022

    I wonder if it costs even $199 to manufacture.
    Still, someone will buy it so the can play some video game at 86 fps instead of 75.

      In next 5 years this thing will cost maybe 700 and it will be still great enough to run litterary any game at maximum possible details, that will be released within 5 years from now.

        Having RTHX 3070 8GB and have no issues playing any game at maximum possible details.
        This is not neccessary and i bet next year they come with RTX 3100 or something which will litterary jumps the hyperspace from one galaxy to another.

          Overpriced yes, unnecessary no, if someone wants to play in 4K with with full ray-tracing, they don't actually have many options.

            Just imagine if Gamers #unite and just not buy GPUs or any relatable pc upgrades for like 6-8 months maybe not play games and maybe #boycott stuffs and observe some kind of a silent movement. Then maybe we can bring these A**hole companies to its knees. #justsaying.

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              • Adul Al Salami Kebab
              • gx$
              • 30 Mar 2022

              Anonymous, 29 Mar 2022amd cpu / nvidia gpu or intel cpu / amd gpu or amd cpu / am... moreActually:
              1. AMD/Intel + Radeon
              2. AMD/Intel + Nvidia

              Smart SAM & Resizable Bar works best on Radeon, so factually best combo is always with Radeon! Now Nvidia normally makes the best GPU at the very top and Intel chips are generally best for gaming but as a combo they are not working better as a team.

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                • denis
                • 0CS
                • 30 Mar 2022

                450w wtf ... thats a lot powe use.

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                  • Jeromeaw0r
                  • XBA
                  • 30 Mar 2022

                  Blackpink fan, 30 Mar 2022These graphics cards are like john cena I Believe

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                    • i84
                    • 30 Mar 2022

                    they just milking the rtx 30 series i bet 40 is already in production and 3090ti is "fail" ones from the 40 series

                      You can't even afford one if you sold your Liver, Kidney, an Arm and a Leg.
                      Whatever, at least Nvidia is never going to get ARM ; )

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                        • Blackpink fan
                        • L1q
                        • 30 Mar 2022

                        These graphics cards are like john cena

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                          • qb1
                          • 30 Mar 2022

                          Intel HD here 💪💪💪

                            Anonymous, 29 Mar 2022It's like NVIDIA knew prices will go absolutely bonker... moreright , and the only competition i see between AMD and Nvidia is who can sell an already overpriced card at even a higher price !

                              how many are made? 100? just to ship them to review sites?
                              rather than calling it overpriced and unnecessary , must call it unavailable !!!! right?

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                                • Anonymous
                                • IbI
                                • 29 Mar 2022

                                Samath N8 808 owner, 29 Mar 2022overpriced, unnecessary and... unavailable. Its a GPU, how ... moreUnless you've been itching for Minecraft, or Madden 2001, in 8K for all these years. Or if you are fine with gaming at 12 fps, it's not the card for you...lol. Why did Nvidia even hype up the upcoming RTX 40xx series, as having double the performance for cheaper $, if they were trying for this cash grab? Shi**y marketing, fellas

                                  Wow.... that's insane price.... I think I'll stick to my 3070 Ti... ^^;

                                    overpriced, unnecessary and... unavailable. Its a GPU, how easily do you think we can get a unit?

                                    8K gaming is joke anyways for now.
                                    Proper 8k60 gaming on this card, is achievable for older games, say AAA games of 2015 but many of these games do not even support 8k resolution. Those which do are too new. And its useless to reduce graphics quality to just get a decent framerate.

                                    And I don't think crypto miners will go for this, considering how low the benefit to cost ratio is. Just for a marginally higher performance, the price is off the charts.

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                                      • X%q
                                      • 29 Mar 2022

                                      Anonymous, 29 Mar 2022Always go for Intel cpu with Nvidia gpu. Super couple.amd cpu / nvidia gpu or intel cpu / amd gpu or amd cpu / amd gpu also works well.

                                        that is so cheap...where can I find one? Oh wait, I can't. This news should not be here. It's about a ghost.