Samsung i740 surfaces, WinMo Pro and GPS on board

03 July, 2008
Today, the Samsung's portfolio of Windows Mobile phones has got a new member - the Samsung i740 phone, which inherits the well-forgotten Samsung i710...

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  • CallMeDiscoDon

the phone I's a 3G and wifi, GPS!

  • Serg

I saw it in a shop yesterday. Moscow, Russia

  • Aakash

vishal sethi, 05 Jul 2008As samsung give very slim shape to its product but the main... moreYour opinion is exact what i would like to say. The ringtone or music through speaker are always very low output. So Nokia or SE will rule.

  • Opal

No 3G No EDGE No WiFi this phone is crippled totaly useless what a wast for WM OS

  • vishal sethi

As samsung give very slim shape to its product but the main drawback is it could not provide loud ringtones & in speaker mode the voice gets faint in every model.

  • bla-live

i900 looks better

  • Asif jafri

I think Samsung should change the style all phones has the same shape............and also there shuold be some gap between upcoming models otherwise consumers will switch from samsung to other competitor brand......if some on read this so please forward it to the concern department.

Thanks........Asif Jafri

  • Anonymous

@ diO,

i agree wid u .... they do seem to have run out of ideaz

  • Shou Ji

Anonymous, 04 Jul 2008i'm sorry but China does have 3GChina have 3G with their standard, TD-SCDMA. It's a reason why mobile phone where made by china manufacture doesn't include 3G feature network if they sale in other country.

  • Lionheart

DiO, 04 Jul 2008Looks like Samsung has run out of design ideas...My thoughts exactly

  • DiO

Looks like Samsung has run out of design ideas...

  • Big big world

The main selling point of this phone is Affordability while introducing Window Mobile to users. If you want to get Wi-fi, 3G connectivity, then look at other phones with higher price tags

  • Anonymous

i'm sorry but China does have 3G

  • Shou Ji

Samsung launching the GT-B2700, a new candybar phone certified to be resistant to water & dust. This also comes with 30Gb internal memory & built-in compass AND altimeter. The B2700 will be sold at the end of the summer in Czechoslovakia for US$330.

  • Anonymous

Actually, China has 3G and their market is far greater than any country :-)
But this Samsung phone will do terrible if the price is not low...but then again...Samsung is never cheap

  • Shou Ji

Probably this phone is made for smart people who lives in no 3G country, like China & India. But no WiFi either is a big mistake for Samsung.

  • ram

samsung i740 good and microsoft wnidows but p720 samsung coming soon also p720 like i740 good.................... hi Anonymous sorry my bradar my friend for ever ...sorry

  • Anonymous

Jayjaysw19, 03 Jul 2008Probably first and I don't care :) It's a pity this phone d... moreGood, no one else cares either

  • Anonymous

hmmm i samsung is great but the only that i hate on it is the material use ib the phone after a month the skin of the phone pills of automatically like a snake....

  • Jayjaysw19

Probably first and I don't care :) It's a pity this phone doesn't include 3G and Wi-fi :( Don't know who's gonna buy it really...