Xiaomi Redmi Note 11S 5G in for review

21 April 2022
Yet another Redmi Note 11 is with us.

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Anders, 21 Apr 2022"The overall feel is rather cheap, not really helped b... morepre installed screen protectors are there for some reason, its to prevent scratching the original, final layer of glass display.

    Anders, 21 Apr 2022"The overall feel is rather cheap, not really helped b... moreyou just gotta accept the in consistency with gsmarena

    this "feels cheap" talking point is played out and tired

      I am kind of optimistic about the overall performance of this phone. It can actually be the most underestimated device in the whole Redmi Note 11 lineup mostly because it lacks OLED screen. Even though it shares specs with the Poco M4 Pro 5G, it doesn't mean that all hardware components are of same quality and software features and optimizations are equal. Judging solely by the price of both this can be the case. Looking forward to see the full review if they actually perform the same

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        • Anonymous
        • Yam
        • 21 Apr 2022

        Phone seems ridiculously overpriced, at least here in America it is

          • v
          • venom0706
          • 8mp
          • 21 Apr 2022

          My Xiaomi Redmi Note 11 Pro 5G came with a pre-installed screen protector and I've never been more grateful.

          No hassle of having to install one yourself and one less thing to worry about when getting a new phone.

          No problems with touch or anything.

            If the pre applied protection is unusable (I had some, when the finger doesn't 'slide' well on the protection), it's worth nothing.

            But hey, another day, anoter redmi !

              "The overall feel is rather cheap, not really helped by the pre-applied plastic screen protector."

              Are you guys for real?? You moaned about the other Note 11 phones not having the screen protector pre-applied and now you're moaning that this one does??

                • J
                • Jitut
                • bGS
                • 21 Apr 2022

                I will buy this phone if it has the main camera performance same as Redmi Note 11s