OnePlus Ace and Nord CE 2 Lite leak in official images

19 April 2022
Both phones are launching soon.

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  • Anonymous
  • k@B
  • 21 Apr 2022

what a beauty honestly, basically a phone that has all the designs i like from other phones in one

    Comparing the oneplus ace to the neo3, the body kinda looks more attractive and premium and seems better to hold, i know its the same phone but since oneplus logo is on it i feel like its gonna be more expensive than the realme

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      • Anonymous
      • tZ0
      • 20 Apr 2022

      Whoever the h*ll is in charge of designing Oneplus phones, they should get fired

        • X
        • XRT10
        • XRR
        • 20 Apr 2022

        Now OnePlus became "Just another brand", just the logo onto the phone is different its the same repeated shit with different clothes.

          • S
          • Swaraj
          • DkB
          • 19 Apr 2022

          It's nothing new but i Love the edgy design , looks elegant . But i can't forgive the ugly camera arrangement . Like why do you gotta ruin everything ..

            • J
            • Joey88
            • SYq
            • 19 Apr 2022

            I really like the rectangular design of the OP Ace. Looks minimalistic and elegant, different from all the ugly rounded phones nowadays.

            Specs-wise it's a beast with the D8100 and IMX766

            I think it's going to be a great phone especially with the low price

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              • Anonymous
              • nuJ
              • 19 Apr 2022

              R...Hunter, 19 Apr 2022Generic design 🙄 OP is 🤮🤮🤮Phone is rectangular

                Generic design 🙄 OP is 🤮🤮🤮