Flashback: iOS 4 adds multitasking, FaceTime and other important features

24 April 2022
Folders on the home screen, wallpapers too, support for Bluetooth keyboards and much more.

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Hemedans, 24 Apr 2022because you are not symbian or Nokia Audience in general th... moreOk, maybe in some alternate universe Symbian could have lived on, and served the same audience that Kai OS now serves, perhaps. But unfortunately it was number one, and when something falls from that spot it’s only ever going to be seen as failure.

The simple fact is Symbian is dead because it was never going to be able to hold onto that number one spot in the wake both iOS and Android’s introductions onto the market.

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    • 24 Apr 2022

    Everything we have today on phones in terms of Software, we owe to Symbian as one of the pioneer operating systems for phones, ignore it. Symbian haters, they must be 15-year-olds who know nothing about the history of Symbian, the glorious Symbian that brought us so much happiness to those of us who are over 30. and missed those times a lot

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      • 24 Apr 2022

      EePee, 24 Apr 2022It took apple over a decade just to add widgets. Youre tal... moreApple took the piss and insulting android features as gimmicks, now apple has all the features on ios 14, if apple didn't add these , apple would lose half off its customers. You're defending a patent Troll company who patents others idea and claim it there's, imagine you came with some features, they will claim they invented it.. apple is the most hated company on earth. Imagine everyone stops providing parts too apple would rip. But because apple charges so much , is other oems charge apple double the prices for parts that's why apple is high price too pay.

        I actually got an iPhone 4S last year for $20 still on iOS6. While it was great to see Scott Forstall's skeumorphic design again for nostalgia, it was no longer useful to use. Cover Flow kinda lagged during orientation. YouTube only works if you use Safari.

        What can we expect from a 2011 phone with only 512 MB RAM? Practically every app was incompatible to use. If I upgraded to iOS8 or 9, it would lag like hell. But internal quality, it was still excellent. Can hear good bass. That's all they're good for in 2022. To use as an iPod. I wouldn't go back.

        The YouTubers who post "using an iPhone 4 or 4S in 2022", it's just videos they need to upload. Content to create. The comments are full of nostalgic people. But it's just way too old and unusable. Nostalgia is powerful. Most techtubers are to influence and draw clicks to their worthless channels.

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          • 24 Apr 2022

          -Trix-, 24 Apr 2022Over the years Apple have slowly added almost all meaningfu... moreAnd to add, youre wrong about price. Mainly samsung flagships cost the same if not more, and the most expensive comercial handsets are al android. Do your research

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            • 24 Apr 2022

            -Trix-, 24 Apr 2022Over the years Apple have slowly added almost all meaningfu... moreIt took apple over a decade just to add widgets.
            Youre talking out your back end buddy. Apple phones are great but there not number 1 for a reason

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              • 24 Apr 2022

              Hemedans, 24 Apr 2022Not just Multitasking, Symbian Had true Multitasking, you c... moreTrix guy is indenial and deluded

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                • 24 Apr 2022

                -Trix-, 24 Apr 2022” Symbian didnt die or fail in market, Elop Killed it. When... moreEven symbian had more features than ios.

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                  • 24 Apr 2022

                  -Trix-, 24 Apr 2022Over the years Apple have slowly added almost all meaningfu... moreYes they are over-rated. For the stuff which they offer, if taken seriously, there are lot of other players that provide similar or you can say 90% of the features and specs at almost half of their prices. But whatever it be, Apple products are tend to be sold. They have such a goodwill & brand reputation that enables them to charge higher for their product. But Apple is a brand that invests a very big chunk of its profits and reserves into R&D (Research & Development). If you notice their phones of each generation, you’ll see a better technology & a better user interface. This is because they innovate something or the other in each and every iPhone they launch. Moreover, as per my experience, Apple is the best brand when it comes to After Sales Services. After Sales Services take a big lot of money for a company because it is neccesary to have the best after sales service possible as consumer if satisfied probably will be loyal to your brand. So it all depends on you that which type of consumer you are. If you are a consumer who’s priority is luxury and premium stuff, iPhone is never a overrated phone but if you are a consumer who’s priority is the best value for your money, iPhone would not be considered by you. In general speaking, yes Apple products especially iPhones are over-rated.

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                    • 24 Apr 2022

                    -Trix-, 24 Apr 2022Over the years Apple have slowly added almost all meaningfu... moreBecause some Rich kids think “Expensive is better!”

                    These people go to A/c grocery shop and buy vegetables of 2,000 which is worth 300–500 in market. They don’t care about product quality… they assume that if it’s expensive then i has to be better. but mostly it isn’t.

                    Giving few extra in finishing touch, saving in making cost by not making anywhere in USA, but by force labors in china. putting bunch of dollars in pocket on each phone sold.

                    If the manufacturing plant operated in local area, imagine how many people have been got job…. But no, Apple wants to save money and increase profits.

                    Keep earning Apple!

                      -Trix-, 24 Apr 2022People didn’t love Symbian, they just back then didn’t know... moreyes 2011 it drop because of Elop decision in 2010? the fact you use that point shows you dont even understand that Elop effect. in Q3 2010 The famous Burning memo was leaked and Elop said Symbian was Burning platform, in 2011 Nokia made just few symbian phones and started Making windows phone.

                      if Cook decide not to release iphone with ios in 2023 and release iphone with Android, will ios marketshare increase?

                      SO symbian marketshare didnt drop because people hate Symbian, it droped because there was No new Symbian phone on market and Nokia fans was forced to buy windows phone.

                      and you cant justify killing os which sell 100m per year and leader in smartphone os for os like wp which had close to zero marketshare. nokia could made phone with Android, Symbian, WIndows phone, Meego etc they had that capability, but Elop was Microsoft loyal Dog he had to sacrifice everyhting for WP.

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                        • 24 Apr 2022

                        Now add fix for ios 15.4.1 issues.

                          Hemedans, 24 Apr 2022except people didnt realise from 2007 when iphone was relea... morePeople didn’t love Symbian, they just back then didn’t know there’s better choices because they bought brand which they grew up with and that’s a fact and when more and more people noticed that Nokia brand name was not helping anymore, the sales dropped fast.

                          ” in 2009 Iphone sold 25m units and 2010 they sold 47m units, 22m units increase per year
                          -in 2019 Nokia sold 67m units and 2011 they sold 100m units thats 33m unit increase”

                          This is just wrong, 2011 Nokia sold 77.3m, 2010 it was 100 million, so huge drop in just one year. 2011 Samsung sold 97.4m phones and were number one OEM, Apple was second by selling 93m phones and Nokia already third. 2010-2011 Samsung and Apple both had huge growth.

                          Also comparing unit sales increase is just pointless, when sametime iPhone was most expensive smartphone in the market while Nokia average smartphone price was like 3-4 smaller, of course they then sell more, just like Android now more because most can’t afford iPhone, just like they couldn’t or wanted back then, so Nokia was safe choice.

                          You can try to deny this all you want, but like i said you just don’t understand what most want from their phones, if people would have wanted and loved Symbian phones, we still would have them. Symbian 3 was last time for Nokia to show they can do it, but Symbian 3 was nowhere the level where it should have been to be competitive with google and iPhone.

                          So then Nokia made choice to kill Symbian because they knew it has no real future, they could have kept selling cheap Symbian phones and losing money and market during that. But the end would have came sooner or later as Symbian had no future and that’s why they went for wp which was way more competible, too bad it was just too late. Things could have gone very different for wp if Nokia would have been first company to make wp phones.

                            -Trix-, 24 Apr 2022” Symbian didnt die or fail in market, Elop Killed it. When... moreexcept people didnt realise from 2007 when iphone was released to 2010 where Elop effect began sales of Nokia smartphone grew really fast, Gape between Nokia smartphone and iphone/Samsung were increased.

                            -in 2009 Iphone sold 25m units and 2010 they sold 47m units, 22m units increase per year
                            -in 2019 Nokia sold 67m units and 2011 they sold 100m units thats 33m unit increase

                            so up to 2010 not only Nokia sold more units but they had faster growth than iphone, Nokia sold 100m units and second one BB had less than 50m, the gape was huge even after 4 years when iphone was released.

                            sales grew fast because people loved symbian, at that time android was so laggy and ios was just glorified feature phone.

                            n97 had lot of problems but that had nothing to do with symbian in General there was lot of symbian phones at that time. its like me saying android is bad because on note 7 fiasco.

                              Hemedans, 24 Apr 2022Symbian didnt die or fail in market, Elop Killed it. When E... more” Symbian didnt die or fail in market, Elop Killed it. When Elop Killed symbian it was Top in the World and had more marketshare than Ios and Android.”

                              Symbian killed itself, Elop had nothing to do with that, Symbian was outdated super laggy not intuitive engineer made mess. It was top of the world only because Nokia brand name, but the end of it was already happening right after iPhone released, it just took time for people to figure out how much better other choices are.q

                              ”And Symbian was Dream for average user too i can Name lot of things symbian did and Android or ios cant do, symbian was proper phone os, specialise in day to day Activities.”

                              You have to be kidding me, Symbian was pain for average users. Like i said, it was engineer made OS, it sure had lot of things, but users never found them and the OS was unintuitive laggy mess.

                              If you are those hardcore Symbian fans which were back then, you just don’t understand what most people want from their phones and you will never understand why for majority of users Symbian were really bad.

                              https://youtu.be/vJpEuMidcSU Nokia N97 reality vs ads.

                              Let’s not forget the truth :D

                              I meant to buy that phone, i was very very excited about that as i were true Nokia guy, tested it at the store and it was so bad!!! It was the day when i first tried iPhone and knew right away this is end of symbian. I had no idea that competition was so much ahead, for me Nokia always were the number one and basicly only choice.

                                Over the years Apple have slowly added almost all meaningful features for Android users and kept the same excellent core, that’s why Apple is now winning and Android is losing, because Android haven’t fixed their core and honestly they can’t anymore, which were bad since beginning.

                                For the majority of people there is no reason to buy Android phone anymore except price, that’s why Android is choice for cheap phones and Apple is winning premium users.

                                  DaFink, 24 Apr 2022I love the way Symbian fans think. Yes it was top when i... morebecause you are not symbian or Nokia Audience in general then, am from Africa and i do believe most people from 3rd world countries agree with me, people are getting paid as less as $10 per month, there are Billions of people who cant afford even $200 phone, these people nowadays own Chinese feature phones or kai os phones which are just basic phones.

                                  according to counterpoint research in India 2021 smartphone sales were 169 million and Feature phones were 86 Million, overall more than 250 million feature phones are sold world wide.

                                  cheapest kai os phone i know cost as little as $17 here, and it has 256mb ram and dual core 1ghz processor.

                                  then reflect it to Symbian how much would cost to create 64mb or 128mb ram with 600mhz cpu? with 240x320 display?

                                  and symbian didnt just compete with feature phone but smartphone too, it had almost all apps at that time.

                                  Elop was Just another American who know nothing of the world and Ruined Nokia and Symbian.

                                    Hemedans, 24 Apr 2022Symbian didnt die or fail in market, Elop Killed it. When E... moreI love the way Symbian fans think.

                                    Yes it was top when it began its downfall, but It died because it was obvious which way the wind was blowing, and the future did not belong to Symbian. The fans might have thrown a child like tantrum, but the grown ups ran the numbers, and saw that Symbian was no longer commercially viable long term.

                                    I’m not saying mistakes weren’t made that hastened it’s demise, but one way or another after Android and iOS came along, Symbian was always not going to survive to 2022.

                                    And yes it was a very versatile os, but it was anything but user friendly, at least in comparison to what we have now. It simply survived as up until the debut of iOS and Android there was no real alternative. Windows mobile and Blackberry os both also had their audience, but look where they are now as well.

                                      Kangal, 24 Apr 2022I agree. When it comes to Video Recording, I basically alw... more720p-30fps for long period?? damn must be large !! i use 640x480 so i think its clear enough for long period ones..

                                        Anonymous, 24 Apr 2022iOS does have emulators, and 8K really is useless actually,... moreI agree.
                                        When it comes to Video Recording, I basically always use (2MP) 1080p/60fps. There's not much needed besides this.

                                        For long-period recording (ie Security Cam), I always revert it to 720p/30fps. And the rare slow-motion shots, I have used 240fps-120fp with 1440p-1080p to find what works. Very very rarely, when there is good lighting and, I want some extra detail, I'll bump up to (8MP) 4K/60. In the coming future, with better processors, codecs, etc etc, I might use 2160p instead of 1080p but I want to move towards a 120Hz standard if possible.

                                        However, when streaming videos on my phone I usually go for 720p/30fps to load things quicker and use less power. Sometimes I want to see good detail, then I bump it upto 1440p/60fps since my phone doesn't have a 4K Display.