Samsung US deals for Mother's Day include free memory upgrades, Galaxy Buds and Watches

26 April 2022
The Galaxy S22 series comes with a free memory bump. The foldables get a free accessory, plus instant Samsung Credit and Google Play Store Credit to boot.

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So how do they determine if the purchase is for a mother and not a woman with no kids? What about step mothers? Do they qualify too? What happens if a MAN wants to buy the phones? Will they be charged extra?


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    • Tifu
    • dZu
    • 27 Apr 2022

    Why doesn't Samsung have discounts like these all over the world?

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      • Anonymous
      • KAS
      • 27 Apr 2022

      Samsung is so desperate to sell their phones in the US. Way too much discounts and freebies

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        • Anonymous
        • 0Ue
        • 26 Apr 2022

        Nice, but do they offer deals for Father's Day ? We can say something like this , right? Right?