OnePlus 10R official with up to 150W charging, Nord CE 2 Lite 5G announced as well

28 April 2022
The OnePlus 10R comes in two versions - one with 150W charging and another with 80W.

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  • 29 Apr 2022

I'm still using my OnePlus 7T Pro 5G McLaren and I'm chillin. Best phone I've ever had.

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    • 29 Apr 2022

    Me, 29 Apr 20228 Gb of Ram and 256 Gb in 2022, are you serious??? Shame fo... moreWhat are u smoking bro? Those are good enough for any phone even today. I know some laptops that dont even have 8gb ram.

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      • 29 Apr 2022

      sweggitity, 29 Apr 2022Perhaps OnePlus should learn from Samsung how to release st... moreLol true. After I sold my iPhone 12, I wanted to try some premium OnePlus phone (bad idea, lol). I bought the OnePlus 9 Pro (at least I was lucky to get it second hand at a nice price). After the update to Android 12, that phone looked like a bad mid-range phone (full of bugs and apps not working properly).
      And after I enter on some forums I quickly saw that I wasn't the only one and practically OnePlus f**ked up Android 12 update for OnePlus 9 series. And now with the joint venture with Oppo, I am not trusting this company any time soon with my money, no matter how nice specs they have on paper.

        BlingBling, 29 Apr 2022OnePlus 10R with 150W SUPERVOOC, only INR 43,999 that is 55... morePerhaps OnePlus should learn from Samsung how to release stable software updates.

          OnePlus 10R with 150W SUPERVOOC, only INR 43,999 that is 550 euros and full charge in 17 minutes...Samsung should learn from this chinese company, instead of making phones with zero improvement every year.

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            • 29 Apr 2022

            8 Gb of Ram and 256 Gb in 2022, are you serious??? Shame for you, OP... This was good 10 years ago, not now.

              2mp for 44000₹. Did Chinese made it mandatory to every phone company to have 2mp camera? When does this scrap ends?

                2mp for 44000₹. When does this scam ends? Does Chinese government made 2mp mandatory?? Wtf

                  It's just rebranded Oppo, same as what Poco is to Redmi/ Ciaomi

                    That Oneplus 10R is flying dangerously close to 600 USD in price - significantly higher than the launch price of the similar Realme GT neo3(though admittedly, I only know the price of the Chinese model neo 3 costing in and around 400-500 USD). I'm glad Oneplus is releasing a Dimensity 8100 phone, but I really don't see why someone would choose this over the Neo 3. The "oxygen Os" in the Nord 2 was very problematic - Realme UI is surely better than that - so they can't claim that the software experience is better to justify the price. Very weird.

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                      • 29 Apr 2022

                      Anonymous, 28 Apr 2022My old Nexus 5 could hit 2.8GHz lmfao I bet these could ... moreThat's not how this works. Each process node has different tolerances for clock rates and the CPU cores back then would have been way slower than the new CPU cores today which is why clock speeds are meaningless unless in the same processor family on the same process node where it can be used to approximate performance deltas.

                      Higher clocks are way more difficult to cool and these devices function off of passive cooling while crammed into a tiny device with lots of other heat-generating components like the modem and display. It's honestly a marvel that performance is what it is now given the push for thinner devices with larger batteries.

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                        • 29 Apr 2022

                        Don't need super fast charging, instead give us 18gb Ram for seamless uninterrupted heavy multitasking, along with 18mb L3cache .

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                          • 29 Apr 2022

                          Bodygard, 28 Apr 2022Meh next... Oneplus can't impress us anymore. Their s... moreYeah, many say that the OnePlus 7 series were the greatest from the company.

                            Nord CE 2 Lite 5G is just Realme 9 Pro lol, down to the cameras placement

                              Not gonna lie the design is really really good nd attractive

                                Anonymossy, 28 Apr 2022Huh, this comment looks familiar... I wonder who you might ... moreI could swear I say this same comment but it wasn't 'fanboy hater' 😂😂😂😂😂😂

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                                  • 28 Apr 2022

                                  GSMArena can you always post prices in USD too? I know the phone was launched in India but converting the price to USD gives international readers an idea about the price. Thank you

                                    Hemant Kumar Sharma, 28 Apr 2022OnePlus please reveal yourself 🙄Haha

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                                      • 28 Apr 2022

                                      MasEnha, 28 Apr 2022Hope GT Neo3 have better price.You can get GT 2 with 888 @ 30k right now.

                                        Fanboy hater, 28 Apr 2022- no more stainless steel frame - no WQHD+ resolution dis... moreHuh, this comment looks familiar... I wonder who you might be... hmm...

                                        ...well, unless this is someone trying to make fun of AlienKiss.