OnePlus Ace Racing Edition appears in new live image

09 May 2022
It brings a different back design and a slightly smaller display.

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TheWildShadow55, 09 May 2022Seems like OnePlus now means that they "plus one"... moreYup

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    • helo
    • YUE
    • 09 May 2022

    A true identity of oneplus has revealed. Another typical throw-to-the-wall chinese oem racing to the podium who has the most models. Currently, the chinese are 1,2,3 oneplus is closing the gap.

      Seems like OnePlus now means that they "plus one" the number of phones in the mobile device market each week

        Anonymossy, 09 May 2022For some reason that photo makes it look like the backplate... moreIt looks like it was already bent in the news picture because it's cropped XD

          New week, more Oneplus phones. 😂

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            • DMX
            • 8xX
            • 09 May 2022

            RIP oneplus

              For some reason that photo makes it look like the backplate of this phone will be user-removable, although it is basically guaranteed that it won't be.

                Anonymous, 09 May 2022Looking at specs, I can't see what makes this deservin... moredifferent back design. just like realme q5.

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                  • ixc
                  • 09 May 2022

                  what is this ... removable back ?????

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                    • 09 May 2022

                    Looking at specs, I can't see what makes this deserving of the name 'Racing Edition'.

                      What has become of One's a shame. It was one of the best maker, with excellent phones and software but I guess I was too big of a menace for others and the tactic - if you can't beat them, buy them and slowly downgrade them. I can't imagine what would have been the One Plus destiny if they continued on their own, with those superb phones (maybe up to the 8th series) and equally superb Oxigen OS doubled with very competitive prices. It's exactly like having in a group of persons one that everybody knows it's the smartest and having him go on his own will overshadow the rest of the group, so you pull him in your group and block every bright idea or action he is capable. Very sad.

                        unspecified 2mp sensor?? must be macro...

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                          • mQP
                          • 09 May 2022

                          OnePhone Every Day Edition

                            IPS LCD
                            8MP ultrawide + useless 2MP sensor

                            So bad...