Weekly poll results: smartwatches are becoming more popular, especially the advanced ones

15 May 2022
Nearly 2 in 3 voters have some sort of smart device on their wrists, most of them chose a full-powered smartwatch.

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  • Pariscy
  • Sju
  • 15 Jun 2022

PD, 25 May 2022GSMArena should have a section of smart watch/bands. Compar... moreI agree 100%

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    • PD
    • TS8
    • 25 May 2022

    GSMArena should have a section of smart watch/bands. Comparison tool & detailed specifications are mastery of GSMArena while smart watch & bands don't have that yet.

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      • Petre
      • ajM
      • 24 May 2022

      yalim, 16 May 2022let's take vivomove style with garmin's best scre... moreI'm amazed about the big fracture between two polls, first is showing a very clear preference for full OS which means apps despite the fact that this type of watch has the lowest lifetime between charges, the second one shows full preference for battery life and no interest in apps... Isn't it funny?

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        • Ani
        • vGC
        • 20 May 2022

        Best is Apple watch

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          • Jimbob
          • 7@L
          • 16 May 2022

          Give me a nice widescreen watch with big battery. .. then I might consider buying one.

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            • yalim
            • T4}
            • 16 May 2022

            blue, 16 May 2022Well, most of the time I see "overpriced" from pe... morelet's take vivomove style with garmin's best screen offering in hybrid watch series. it is %50 more expensive than android market leader galaxy watch4 ($300 vs $200).here is the honest comparison:

            pros: garmin has better battery life, more reliable sensors and unique physical watch hands.
            cons: garmin has smaller lower quality screen, no universal Qi charging support, no built-in GPS, limited notification reply, no voice call support (no mic&speaker), no offline music storage, no AOD, limited app support.

            verdict: vivomove style is a fitness band integrated into an analogue watch. a nice touch indeed. but,it is ment to be a daily watch for casual people rather than hardcore fitness ethusiasts. unfortunately,it has limited daily used smartwatch features. it can be a head to head competitor to galaxy watch4. that's why prices must be similar,not way more expensive.

            garmin also has venu sq music edition with galaxy watch4 price but is a fitness band with slightly big screen and huge bezels.that's all it is.I really like garmin but,entry models are a bit too prices for the value they deliver to be honest

            can't I affort garmin? well...I can buy 3 or 4 garmin venu2+ with only selling the watch on my wrist right now.

              blue, 16 May 2022Well, most of the time I see "overpriced" from pe... moreWell, my Instinct 2 Solar was overpriced, even with my 20% something discount, there is no question about it.
              But the watch is really solid, never missed a beat so far. I was looking at Fénix 7X, but it's just way too big and sapphire is indestructible, but a paint to use due to reflections.

              "Can't afford it" and "not willing to pay" it are really different things.

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                • blue
                • 0CN
                • 16 May 2022

                yalim, 16 May 2022garmin is just rock solid at sportwatches. however,they nee... moreWell, most of the time I see "overpriced" from people, who just can't afford it. For me, with all the features, the price is set about right. As is the balance between smart functions and battery life.

                  blue, 15 May 2022So many people calling for battery life, but they buy watch... moreMy only guess on that is huawei smartwatches.

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                    • yalim
                    • dW8
                    • 16 May 2022

                    blue, 15 May 2022So many people calling for battery life, but they buy watch... moregarmin is just rock solid at sportwatches. however,they need to use more smart features to expand in market. entry level vivomove series must have a bigger color display at $200 range and premium venu2+ is just overpriced right now.

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                      • Smack
                      • 0Rj
                      • 15 May 2022

                      Purpose of watch is to show time. All other so called "smart" features just a gimmic and not so smart. Tried most of smart watches on the market and no longer bothered with them.

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                        • ME
                        • ncr
                        • 15 May 2022

                        Have a smartwatch since 2007, it even was a star in a James Bond film, Sony Ericsson MBW -100 😃

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                          • KgZ
                          • 15 May 2022

                          Well, wish I could get a smartwatch, currently using the Mi Band 5

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                            • 7k0
                            • 15 May 2022

                            Garmin being case in point. Reportedly their sales have grown many fold recently and Solar powered are trending strongly!

                              Anonymous, 15 May 2022The second poll was best in whole GSMArena historyMaybe for you but for 27,47% of voting people or 1830 people voted for no watches at all it wasnt that perfect.
                              And in whole world the majority is even bigger.
                              Anything smartwatches do phone can do too and in much greater marging and for same thing i really dont need to have 2 devices.

                                People care most about battery life and least about apps. Now this makes you wonder why did Samsung threw Tizen away in favor of Wear, for more apps and less battery life..

                                  blue, 15 May 2022So many people calling for battery life, but they buy watch... moreI have a TicWatch Pro 3 and that battery life last days. It's a pretty underrated watch despite the GPS issues at times.

                                    naap51d, 15 May 2022I purchased the Galaxy Frontier in 2018 as a "play wit... moreIf u know what ur doing the experience of a smartwatch is so joyous

                                      I recall way more options in that second poll but they're all gone now.

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                                        • Rly
                                        • mbW
                                        • 15 May 2022

                                        Never had one, but order my first one, 1 week ago 🤞🏻