The Huawei P50 Pro can gain 5G connectivity via a special case with an eSIM

17 May 2022
The case is not made by Huawei itself, of course, but the level of integration seems to make the experience seamless.

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Definitely remember the days of Motorola Moto Mods. I am so hoping to see Motorola bring back that brilliant idea. It's a much more practical solution than relying on a Bluetooth connection.

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    • 17 May 2022

    5G was cut but huawei still selling the phones without a price cut like nothing happened

      Anonymous, 17 May 2022Weird idea but it worksThey should throw some storage on there and put android / google services on it.

        [deleted post]Do you have to say things like this? It's like farting into the wind.

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          • 17 May 2022

          Since 5G drains the battery life fast , it would have been more useful to add back up battery to this case.

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            • 17 May 2022

            Does Huawei not have their own chipset and 5G tech? I thought that they were a networking and wireless company.

            Imagine if this tech could be used in other 4G smartphones, would save up so much e-waste.

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              • 17 May 2022

              [deleted post]No matter if i like the Chinese or what, i can just say, Huawei are or at least was some of the best quality phones out there. And nevet any heat problems or crappie battery time. Kirin chip was just outstanding.
              And i must admit they always find a way and thats priceless. We could all learn of this.

                Anonymous, 17 May 2022Yes, best camera.Well the magic 3/4 ultimate and the 4 pro exist

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                  • 17 May 2022

                  Anonymous, 17 May 2022Yes, best camera.yes, but no

                    [deleted post]What? Do you even think before posting your comments?

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                      • 17 May 2022

                      NimaTheShadow, 17 May 2022Well, why not just buy a 5G mobile phone from an other comp... moreSupporting underdog?

                        NimaTheShadow, 17 May 2022Well, why not just buy a 5G mobile phone from an other comp... moreOther than camera Huawei is lacking in every department compared to Samsung, oneplus etc. So if camera is not your first priority, there is no point of buying a Huawei flagship.

                          Good to see a triple Sim Flagship Smartphone.

                          Add a Dedicated CPU plus an eSim chip!

                          Why Huawei itself didn't do this?

                          Strange strategy to my logic!!!

                            Penk2856, 17 May 2022Their cameras are superbNot really. Even if Huawei flagships have high DxOMark results, you still have to pay a rather high price to purchase them. However, you'll lose things like 5G or "native" access to every single application that is even remotely associated with Google services. 5G is just one (but critical) of many issues with Huawei "flagships".
                            I prefer losing a point or two in DxOMark and buy an equally powerful, but extremely easier-to-live-with Xiaomi, Samsung or even Sony mobile phone if I want to use photography capabilities... 🚶🏻‍♂️

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                              • 17 May 2022

                              Weird idea but it works

                                Art of phone without phone. Without banned parts will be cheap and popular. Maybe even with play store. Come on, Huawei! Be like water?

                                  Haters Of All Brands, 17 May 2022So basically the 5g is just locked via software or is it an... moreNo, there is a 5G modem in the case and that feeds data to the phone. That is similar to the 5G Moto Mod from a few years ago:


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                                    • 17 May 2022

                                    Soon this technology will be available for all 4G Android devices so that people can use their old 4G phones without selling it or exchanging it with new 5G phones.

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                                      • 17 May 2022

                                      ASL, 17 May 2022doesn't even have the best screen nor camera. why..Yes, best camera.

                                        Anonymous, 17 May 2022The full integration of this with the phone makes me think ... moreyep lmao it is made by Soyealink, google them. They sell LTE routers, modems and network hardware that is 1:1 rebranded Huawei hardware because Huawei has a bad reputation in western countries and they can dodge the Huawei ban through this other company, just like Honor phones have google services despite being obviously Huawei-based