Quad-core Karbonn S1 Titanium launches in India, costs 150

29 January, 2013
Karbonn has launched a new competitively priced droid in India - the cheap quad-core S1 Titanium.

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  • AnonD-393115

There is many brands are missing like- Gaba, Intex, weakleaked, in focus...etc
These brands have great features
Please update this

  • sunil kumar

battery backup very poor.

  • suhas nigam

your battery life is short only 1300mah it should be 2300 mah.

  • Purnima

Wammy Titan roxxx...Wickedleak has done a great job in launching such a smooth and nice phone...I am going for one more..

  • rajathdixit

can u post a video on the review of karbonn s1 titanium

  • AnonD-115020

mmx a116 iz much better, although u can think of buying s1

  • xyz

which is better micromax a116 or karbonn s1

  • rp

Manish, 30 Jan 2013This one dosen't have Mediatech 6589 its having snapdragon cpu w... moreV.True man 100%

  • Anonymous

does it support hd recordind atleast 720p ????

  • fraz

AnonD-107028, 30 Jan 2013Hi. I am from Malaysia. I would like to order this smart phone.... morei think in malaysia u will not get warranty on this phone.. if u are not getting warranty then why spending on this... at this price u can get better chinese phone with even better specs....
try that

  • samee

nafsal.nfs, 31 Jan 2013its cheeper and better,on paper.lets see after the launch... An... moreAgree with Nafsal. Qualcomm is being used by HTC as well whereas micromax uses Mediatek.

  • AnonD-110178

They have copied the name from Wammy Titan...I have bought a Wammy Titan and it works freaking awesome..Its 3D wallpaper is just pretty awesome and i am in love with it...Just in love with this device...Too fast and too handy and superb to use...I would like to thank my friend who recommended this to me..

  • Anonymous

Every thing good except battery backup it should be 2000Mha

  • nafsal.nfs

its cheeper and better,on paper.lets see after the launch...
Another plus point is it is comes with qualcomm snapdragon processor...other high end smartphone like nokia lumia 920,lg optimus g , are also using processors from qualcomm...

  • Dany

Is it worth buying this phone only because it is cheeper or not??

  • jass

the king

  • dude

cris09, 30 Jan 2013Of course, companies like Karbonn and Micromax are a joke. They ... moredo you know abt foxconn
i think its china handset manufecturer
known for i phone

  • Shivaji M

It is not a mediatek one. This phone uses Snapdragon dual core (Dual A5 core)

  • AnonD-107028

Hi. I am from Malaysia.
I would like to order this smart phone.
What should I do please?
Thank you

  • cris09

AnonD-104964, 30 Jan 2013If you are the one who think all the high phones in india from w... moreOf course, companies like Karbonn and Micromax are a joke. They price it lower because they just rebrand Chinese models. You can get it cheaper if you directly import these models from China. Don't believe me? Why don't you search for Beidou Chi? Isn't that Micromax Canvas 2? Get it for $100-150, rather than paying Rs.11000. Other reputed companies manufacture their phones and have much better quality. Hence they are costlier.